April 4, 2024

DHH Programs Goes to DC

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program went on a college visit to the only Deaf and Hard of Hearing liberal arts college in the world, Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.

While at Gallaudet University, students were able to tour the campus, meet with admissions counselors, see a softball game, sit in on a Deaf studies class, eat in the cafeteria, and most importantly, experience the heart of Deaf culture and Deaf community. In addition, the Deaf students visited the Signing Starbucks and the Deaf Owned Mozzeria Pizza restaurant where they faced no language barriers when ordering and had genuine experiences!  Lastly, the students were able to learn and experience America's history through a tour of the Capitol Building, and a visit to the African American Museum, Holocaust Museum, White House, The Mall and all of its monuments, National Cathedral to Helen Keller's burial site and the Arlington National Cemetery.