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HPS Podcast 3.19

Students and staff of Holland Public Schools joined members of the Holland Community to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day this week. This week we share speeches written and delivered by three students.

HPS Podcast 3.18 | I Have a Dream

With Martin Luther King Jr Day next week, teachers at Holland Heights asked their students about their dreams for the world. So, they wrote and recorded their own "I Have a Dream" speeches. 

Join Holland Public Schools and the City of Holland in a Community Celebration of the life and work of Rev. Dr Martin Luther King jr. on January 17 at 12noon. The event will be broadcast on the HPS Website.

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HPS Podcast 3.17

This week we talk with the 4th-grade students in Maestra Kornelis' classroom at Holland Language Academy about their New Year's resolutions for 2022.

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HPS Podcast 3.16

Earlier this month, more than 200 students of the Holland High School Music Department celebrated the holidays with their annual Collage Concert at the Miller Auditorium on the campus of Hope College.  As a special holiday treat from Holland Public Schools, we will share the finale of that concert…. members of the Holland Choirs, Bands, and Orchestras, along with alumni of the programs, performing the Hallelujah Chorus.

HPSPodcast 3.15

This week, we talk with Lauren Gray, OCSN Community Coordinator at Holland High School about the services OCSN provides HPS students and their families.

HPSPodcast 3.14

This week, we talk with Maria Rocha (Orchestra), Austin House (Band), and Jacob Torres (Choir) about the Holiday Collage Concert on December 11.

HPSPodcast 3.13

HHS Theatre presents A Year with Frog and Toad December 2-4 at 7pm, December 4 at 2pm. This week, we talk with Julia Porretta (Frog), Breckin Bigelow (Toad), and Director Delynne Miller.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The first-graders in Mrs. Byrne's class at Holland Heights talk about what they are thankful for!

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HPS Podcast 3.11

This week, we talk with Laura McCloud, HPS' new Associate Superintendent of School Improvement.

HPS Podcast 3.10

Holland High School will host the 84th Annual Veteran’s Day Assembly on Thursday. On the Podcast this week, we will talk with Major Peter Farion, one of the keynote speakers during that event.

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HPS Podcast 3.9

November is National Native American Heritage Month. This week, we're talking with Taran McZee, HPS Director of Equity and inclusion about how and why we celebrate.

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HPS Podcast 3.8

It’s been nearly 6-months since voters approved a $74million bond proposal for Holland Public Schools.  This week on the podcast we talk with Jeff Hoag from Engineering firm: GMB about progress being made on the Build2021 projects!

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HPSPodcast 3.7

This week, we're talking with Arbor Circle Therapist Frank Wamsley about a partnership that is helping Holland High School students deal with anxiety and stress.

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HPS Podcast 3.6

National Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end on Friday, October 15. In this podcast, HPS DEI Director Taran McZee talks about Hispanic Heritage Month and has your invitation to a Community Celebration with HPS students and staff!

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HPS Podcast 3.5

Erika Tinney is a Special Education Instructional Assistant at HHS. Listen to her story and hear why HPS is right for her and her family!

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HPSPodcast 3.4

National Hispanic Heritage Month continues. This week we talk with HLA Principal Iliana Vázquez about how the students and staff are celebrating at Holland Public Schools.

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HPS Podcast 3.3

It’s Homecoming week for students at Holland High School.. This week we're talking with Addison Higgins, a member of the Student Senate and one of the organizers of Homecoming events coming up on Friday, September 24.

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HPS Podcast 3.2

Taran McZee, HPS Director of Equity & Inclusion, talks about National Hispanic Heritage Month

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Period Project

The PERIOD PROJECT continues at Holland Public Schools.  The program that provides menstrual health products to students - FREE of charge.

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We're kicking off a new season for the HPS Podcast with 9 QUESTIONS for Riley Gainey.

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HPS Podcast 2.39

Meet Mr Tolson. He's the new Principal at West Elementary!

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HPS Podcast 2.38

Meet our new Athletic Director Blake Muller.

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HPS Podcast 2.37

Superintendent Shanie Keelean makes her first appearance on WHTC's Talk of the Town with Gary Stevens.

HPS Podcast 2.36

On this week's HPS podcast we’ll get to know the NEW Superintendent of Holland Public Schools as she answers questions from students, parents and the community.

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HPS Podcast 2.35

Dr. Brian Davis is spending his last few days in the Superintendent’s Office before retiring. On the Podcast this week, we talk with him about his time at Holland.

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Celebrating Juneteenth

Taran McZee, Director of Equity and Inclusion, has some historical background into this important holiday and an invitation for the entire HPS community to celebrate!

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