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HPS Podcast 4.18

This week, Superintendent Nick Cassidy announced the details of the new Teachers Live Here program that is aimed at retaining and attracting the very best teachers to Holland Public Schools. Here is a part of that announcement.

HPS Podcast 4.17

Meet the newest Trustees on the Holland Public Schools Board of Education: Chris Arendshorst and Lois Mulder.

HPS Podcast 4.16

The students and staff of Holland Public Schools have THIS week off for the Holidays. LAST week, Gary Stevens talked with HPS Superintendent on WHTC’s Talk of the Town.  Here are some highlights from that conversation.

HPS Podcast 4.15

This week we talk with outgoing-trustee Phil Meyer about his time on the HPS Board of Education.

HPS Podcast 4.14

COVID isn't over quite yet! This week, we hear about a program with the Holland Hospital School Nurses that is helping keep families healthy as we deal with COVID along with RSV and Flu all at the same time.

Period Project

The PERIOD PROJECT continues at Holland Public Schools.  The program that provides menstrual health products to students - FREE of charge.

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HPS Podcast 4.13

The Power H Shop will open this afternoon from 5-7p. This month, the shop will look a little more festive than in previous months.

HPS Podcast 4.12

Everyone at Holland Public Schools is so thankful to be a part of the Holland Community…. this week, we talk to students at Holland Middle School and Jefferson Elementary about the other things they are thankful for!

HPSPodcast 4.11

This week, we talk with HHS Assistant Principal Josh Rumpsa about the 85th Annual Veteran's Day Assembly at Holland High School.

HPSPodcast 4.10

This week, we learn more about what's on the ballot for School Election Day - Tuesday, November 8.

HPS Podcast 4.11

It’s been a busy fall for Performing Arts students at Holland High School. This week we talk with folks from the Holland Choirs, Bands, Orchestras, and Theatre!

HPS Podcast 4.9

HPS is hosting a Job Fair at the District Admin Building - 320 W 24th

  • Wednesday: 12n-3p
  • Thursday: 9a-12n

Today, we talk with Linda Schaap about why HPS is a great place to work!

HPS Podcast 4.8

This week, we talk with OCSN Reps Lauren Gray and Mallory Timmer about the Power H Shop, a new resource available to all HPS Families.

A grand Opening Open House for the Power H Shop will be held on Wedenesday, October 5, 4-6pm at Longfellow School (24th and State).

HPS Podcast 4.7

Students and families from around the City of Holland will participate in the 10th Annual School Nurse Fun Run on Thursday at West Elementary… This week we're talking about this great event and program with Holland Public Schools!

HPSPodcast 4.6

This week, we talk with Student Senate Communications Director Eva Whiteman about all the fun plans for Homecoming 2022!

HPSPodcast 4.5

This week we talk with HLA Principal Iliana about how HPS will kickoff a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month on Friday night!

HPS Podcast 4.4

HPS will host a Job Fair today to hire support staff.  It will be held at the District Administration Building on 24th St. from 9-11:30am and 1-4pm.

HPS Podcast 4.3

This week we talk with Student Senate President Libby Lefebre about all the great things happening at Holland High School.

HPS Podcast 4.2

This week, we talk with students, teachers, principals, and parents about what has them excited as we start a new school year!

HPSPodcast 4.1

As everyone gets ready for the first day of school (Wednesday August 24), we talk with Superintendent Nick Cassidy in the first episode of season 4 for the HPSPodcast!

HPS Podcast 3.43

This week we talk with Mallory Timmer, OCSN Coordinator at West Elementary.

HPS Podcast 3.42

This week we talk with GMB Engineer Ben Perdock about the progress of Build2021 Bond Projects.

HPS Podcast 3.41

This week, we talk about Nature-Based Education with Bob Wandel from the ODC Education Network, Holland Heights Principal Kevin Derr, and Superintendent Nick Cassidy.

HPS Podcast 3.40

This week we talk with Holland Early College Director, Andrea Mehall and HEC Counselor Dana Loveland about a new partnership that will benefit students who hope to become a teacher someday.

  • Contact Andrea: 616-494-2200
  • Contact Dana: 616.494.2270

HPS Podcast 3.39

This week we talk with Athletic Director Blake Muller about Summer Sports Camps and more!

HPS Podcast 3.38

This week we talk with HPS Superintendent Nick Cassidy about his plans for Summer "Break".