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HPS Podcast 2.37

Superintendent Shanie Keelean makes her first appearance on WHTC's Talk of the Town with Gary Stevens.

HPS Podcast 2.36

On this week's HPS podcast we’ll get to know the NEW Superintendent of Holland Public Schools as she answers questions from students, parents and the community.

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HPS Podcast 2.35

Dr. Brian Davis is spending his last few days in the Superintendent’s Office before retiring. On the Podcast this week, we talk with him about his time at Holland.

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Celebrating Juneteenth

Taran McZee, Director of Equity and Inclusion, has some historical background into this important holiday and an invitation for the entire HPS community to celebrate!

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HPS Podcast 2.34 | Summer Programming

Students at Holland Public Schools start their summer break this week, but the learning will continue all summer long!  This week, we're talking about the summer programs being offered at HPS.

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HPS Podcast 2.33 | The Water Is My Sky

A Holland native is set to release a documentary film about the world of competitive swimming - and Holland High School plays a prominent role in the film. This week we talk with filmmaker Brian Tremml about The Water Is My Sky.

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HPS Podcast 2.32 | Commencement Address

On this week's HPS Podcast, it's Student Senate President Diamante Balcazar's Commencement Address to the Class of 2021.

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Class of 2021 | Senior Video

Members of the Class of 2021 share their memories, advice, and plans for the future!

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HPS Podcast 2.31 | Mamma Mia!

This week we talk with the Director of Mamma Mia, Delynne Miller and one of the stars of the show, Delaney Lynch. Mamma Mia! run May 20, 21, 22 at 7pm | May 22 & 23 at 2pm on the HHS PAC Lawn.

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HPS Podcast 2.30 | Vocals: Still Standing

Here's a preview of Vocals: Still Standing.

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HPS Podcast 2.29 | BUILD 2021

On Tuesday May 4, voters in Holland approved the $74 million Build 2021 bond proposal from Holland Public Schools.  Today, we talk with Superintendent Dr. Brian Davis about what happens next.

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HPS Podcast 2.28 | Vocal Dimensions

Holland High School’s Vocal Dimensions are preparing for their annual spring concert on May 14th and 15th.  This week, we're talking with a few members of the group and their Director, Sarah Malone about how this year’s show will be a little different than it has been in the past.

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Build 2021 | Holland Middle School

If approved by voters on May 4, BUILD 2021 would generate $74,650,000 for improvements across the District - including $8.2million for renovations at Holland Middle School.

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Build 2021 | Student Senate

If approved by voters on May 4, BUILD 2021 would generate $74,650,000 for improvements across the District - including $9.4m for renovations at Holland High School.

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HPS Podcast 2.27

Three Holland High students will be featured in a documentary about first-generation college students overcoming the ups and downs of the global pandemic. On this week's podcast we talk with Cynthia Martinez, the producer of First Voice Generation.

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HPS Podcast 2.26

There is a new project at Holland Public Schools to provide menstrual health products to students. This week, we are talking to the organizers of the Period Project.

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On the Air | Hearing Voices at Holland Middle School.

Elanor McMullen and Mr Boerman were guests this week on Hearing Voices with Scott Watson on WHTC.

BUILD 2021 | West Elementary

If approved by voters on May 4, BUILD 2021 would generate $74,650,000 for improvements across the District - including brand new classrooms for students at West Elementary.

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HPS Podcast 2.25

This week, we talk with Tyler Riley... He's building relationships with students and having a big impact!

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BUILD 2021 | Jefferson

If approved by voters on May 4, BUILD 2021 would generate $74,650,000 for improvements across the District - including about $6 million in projects at Jefferson Elementary.

HPS Podcast 2.24

School leaders from around the district talk about what the Build 2021 bond proposal would mean for their buildings and the community.

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BUILD 2021 - Health & Safety and Instructional Technology

If approved by voters, BUILD 2021 would generate $74,650,000 and would allow the district to:

  • Make Health & Safety improvements.
  • Upgrade instructional technology.
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HPS Podcast 2.23

It’s been quite a year for students and staff at Holland Public Schools (well, for everyone really).  This week, we talk with Matt Stolz, the district’s Associate Superintendent of School Improvement, about student achievement, testing, and summer school.

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HPS Podcast 2.22

Holland Public Schools Administrative team has a new important member. Meet Taran McZee, our new Director of Equity and Inclusion.

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Black History Month Video Series | 2.27.21

In our final video celebrating Black History Month, we talked to several young women at Holland Middle School about the strong women who have influenced them!

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Black History Month Video Series 2.24.21

Black History Month is the celebration of the history, culture, traditions and contributions of African Americans. All month, we will talk with HPS students about the people who have been an influence on their lives.

6th-Grader Andrew Andrlik talks about Author Jason Reynolds.

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