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HPSPodcast 4.28

This week, we're talking with Superintendent Nick Cassidy about the renovation and construction projects in the district.

HPS Podcast 4.27

Holland Public Schools is naming the finalists for their Power H Impact Awards… This week we introduce you to the building finalists from HMS and HHS!

HPSPodcast 4.26

This week,  we talk with Jacob Tores & Nora Frens about the upcoming Vocal Dimension show: Road Trip|Coast to Coast.

March 21-23, 7pm with a Saturday (3/23) Matinee at 2pm.

HPSPodcast 4.25

Today, we're introducing you to the three building finalists from West Elementary and Holland Heights Elementary for the Power H Impact Award.

HPSPodcast 4.24

Today, we're introducing you to the building 3 finalists from Jefferson and Holland Language Academy for the Power H Impact Award.

HPSPodcast 4.23

This week we talk with Kayla Geering about the Unified Sports teams at Holland High School.

HPSPodcast 4.22

This week, we introduce you to the FINALISTS for the Power H IMPACT - Rookie of the Year Award.

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HPSPodcast 4.21

This week we introduce you to the five finalists for the Power H Impact - District Support Award.

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HPSPodcast 4.20

Holland Public Schools is looking for some help to stock the shelves at the Power H Store in the month of February... and AAC Credit Union on 25th St. is stepping up!

HPSPodcast 4.19

This week we talk with West TK Teacher JJ Porretta about Big Opportunity Week at HPS.

HPSPodcast 4.18

This week, we're talking with Lynette Brander about multi-lingual learners, the programs we offer to their families AND Family Night on Tuesday, January 23 | 5:30-7pm at HLA

HPSPodcast 4.17

Holland Public Schools wants your help in celebrating the great work being done by teachers and staff in our schools.

Senior Wrestler Poe Gilmore
Senior Wrestler Poe Gilmore

HPS Podcast 4.16

The Holland Wrestling Team is giving back to the community with their annual Pin Cancer meet on Wednesday night in The Dome.

HPSPodcast 4.15

This week, we talk with the founders of a great organization in our city who want to spark some joy for HPS families  this Holiday season…

David's Sparks of Joy will happen Tuesday, December 5, 5-7pm at West Elementary.

HPSPodcast 4.14

This week we talk with Melissa Remillard, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum, about Family Night on Wednesday, November 29, 5:30-6:30pm.

HPSPodcast 4.13

Holland High Theatre and Be Nice are teaming up on a production of Mean Girls.  This week we talk with two of the stars of the show: Gretchen Timmer and Hailey Hugget.

HPSPodcast 4.12

As we approach Veteran’s Day, the students and staff at Holland High School are preparing to renew a long-standing community tradition.


The 86th Annual Veteran's Day Assembly is open to the public on Friday, November 10 at 10am in the DutchDome. Veterans and their families are welcome to join HHS Administrators for a luncheon following the assembly in the PAC Lobby.


HPSPodcast 4.11

The Performing Arts are alive and well at Holland High School... Sam Lunn is a Senior involved in Band, Theatre, and Choir. A lot is happening on-stage and off-stage!

HPS Podcast 4.10

HPS will host a Job Fair on Thursday, October 26 | 9-11am At District Administration Building (320 W. 24th).  This week, we introduce you to Tara Schafer, a new Instructional Assistant at West who was hired at our last Job Fair in September.

HPSPodcast 4.9

The Power H Store will re-open it's doors on Thursday, 4:30-6pm at Maplewood Elementary (925 Central Ave).  HHS OCSN Coordinator Tyler Mouw talks about who the Power H Store is for and why the location of the store changed from last year.

HPSPodcast 4.8

This week we talk with Yanyssa Ochoa, the Secretary of the HHS Student Senate, about what it means to be DUTCH.

HPSPodcast 4.7

It's Homecoming week at Holland High Schools - Owen Ceithaml, Student Senate President gives us an update on all the community HOCO events!

HPSPodcast 4.6

Students and Staff at HPS are inviting the community to the 3rd Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Community Celebration Friday night!

HPSPodcast 4.5

There is a LOT happening at HPS over the next few weeks.  This week, we talk to the folks organizing these important events...

HPSPodcast 4.4

The 2023 Holland Hospital School Nurse Fun Run is September 28 at 6pm at West Elementary. Today we talk to the organizer of this great family event!

HPSPodcast 4.3

HPS is hosting several job fairs this week - looking to fill several positions:

  • Substitute Teachers
  • Secretaries
  • Instructional Assistants
  • Bus Drivers
  • Food Service 

HPS' Substitue Coordinator, Linda Schaap talks about why HPS is a great place to work!