Nutrition Service

HPS Nutrition Services provides over 250,000 lunches and nearly 100,000 breakfasts each year!

Our hardworking staff of twenty-five employees, serving our 6 district buildings,  follow all USDA nutrition guidelines for School Food Service as well as adhering to all State and Local safety regulations. 

We strive to make our menus relevant to what the students enjoy eating.  Some of our student favorite lunches:

  • Homemade pepperoni pizza
  • Asian-fusion noodle/rice bowls,
  • Oven baked chicken wings
  • Slow roasted maple bacon ribs


-Patty Wall | Food Service Director & Arletha Banks | District Chef

Meal Accounts & Payments


  • All meals are charged to the student’s prepaid account.  Payment for school meals is expected at the time of purchase.
  • All Middle and High School students are to use their student ID at the register for proper purchase of meals and for A la Carte purchases.
  • We do not extend credit or allow charges.  We recognize that there are times when a deposit is forgotten and so, as a courtesy to families, we have a 3 meal grace period. 
  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to apply for Free/Reduced benefits which must be done every year. 
  • Your student’s lunch account works as a debit card, eliminating the need to carry cash to school.
  • Please ensure enough money is deposited into the student lunch account to cover their meal purchases. 
  • You may use Send Money To School which is an online system we partner with. There is a small convenience fee when making a deposit, but it is free to use to track funds in the account. 
  • Cash or Check is accepted at all schools. There are lunch envelopes in each office to put your deposit in, be sure to write the student’s full name and grade on the envelope, and we will deposit it into your student’s account.
  • Parents/Guardians are ultimately responsible for ensuring money is in the account or a benefit has been received. 


Grace Period – Elementary

  • We give a 3 meal grace period ($-1.20 Reduced or $-7.80 Full Pay) before students are offered an alternative meal, which is Fun Lunch, Choice C, and meets all nutrition requirements for a reimbursable meal.
  • A note will be sent home when there is a balance of 1 meal owed (-.40/-2.60).
  • Emails are sent regularly for those with email address on file. (Contact the office to put your email address on file and receive these updates.
  • Phone calls will be made the following day if money has not been received.
  • On the 3rd day of grace, an alternative meal will be offered and the student account will be charged $2.60 for the alternative meal.  Parents are still responsible for payment.

Grace Period – Middle & High School

  • We give a 3 meal grace period ($-1.20 Reduced or $-8.55 Full Pay) before students are offered an alternative meal, which is a Grab-n-Go sandwich lunch and meets all nutrition requirements for a reimbursable meal.
  • Students are informed of their negative balance at the register.
  • Emails are sent regularly for those with email address on file. (Contact the office to put your email address on file and receive these updates.
  • If we do not receive a deposit during the grace period, students will be offered an alternative meal and the student account will be charged $2.85 for the alternative meal.  Parents are still responsible for payment. No other purchases will be allowed.
  • A la carte items can only be purchased with cash or money in the student’s account (no charging) & must have student ID.

Adults are not permitted to charge meals or a la carte items

All meal charges MUST be paid off by the end of the school year.  Any unpaid charges will be carried forward to the next school year and apply towards the grace period process.

Account Refunds 

  • Money on student accounts at the end of the school year will carry over to the next school year. 
  • If graduating or moving out of district, money left over can be transferred to a sibling account or donated to a student in need account (determined by Food Service Personnel).
  • Email Kristin Thompson to request a transfer or refund
  • Please include student name & grade with the amount balance and also the name and grade of the sibling to transfer the money into
  • Requests for a refund are only given if the balance is $5.00 or greater
  • If requesting a refund, please include:
    • Student(s) name(s)
    • Parent name t write check to
    • Address
    • City, State , Zip Code
    • Phone Number

Deposit Calculation

  • Please deposit enough money in your student’s account to cover at least one week of lunches or milk.  
  • We use a service called Send Money to School so that parents may conveniently add funds to their student’s meal account. 
  • First time visitors to this site need to create a new account. 
  • You will need your student’s ID #.   Please call the Food Service office to obtain this number. 

Middle School and High School students are responsible for their own student ID and are to have them for all meal purchases.

Number of Lunches Reduced (K-12) Elementary (K-5) Secondary (6-12) Milk Only
1 $.40 $2.60 $2.85 $.75
2 $.80 $5.20 $5.70 $1.50
3 $1.20 $7.80 $8.55 $2.25
4 $1.60 $10.40 $11.40 $3
5 $2 $13 $14.25 $3.75
10 $4 $26 $28.50 $7.50
15 $6 $39 $42.75 $11.25
20 $8 $52 $57 $15
25 $10 $65 $71.25 $18.75
20 $12 $78 $85.50 $22.50


Parental Blocks/Ala Carte  

  • At the secondary level we offer Ala Carte items for sale
  • Parents have option to not allow your child(ren) to purchase these items
  • Parents also have option to require cash only for Ala Carte items
  • Please call the office 616.494.2245 for assistance with these blocks

Special Dietary Needs 

  • If your student has special dietary needs diagnosed by a licensed physician and the Medical Statement has been completed, we will comply with the request.
  • If your student does not have a disability, we will do our best to accommodate a reasonable request

Free or Reduced Lunch Applications – 

  • Families must reapply for benefits every year
  • Application is available after July 1, 2019 online at Lunch App
  • Paper applications are mailed to HPS households in August and are available in each school office
  • Applications are processed in the order received.  Please allow 10 business days.
  • You will be notified by mail of your benefit status
  • Please submit your new application by the 30th day of school.  After the 30th day of school, your student will be charged full price meals until a new application is processed and benefit applied. 
  • You will be responsible for the charges incurred because of the late submission.
  • One application per family is needed.
  • Please make sure to follow the directions carefully as failure to do so or miss a step will cause delays in the final approval process.


Nutrition Services NEWS

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Recent Inspection Results

Holland Language Academy and Holland West Elementary addressing minor inspection issues. Kitchens will continue to serve meals in a safe and healthy manner.

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Extended Summer Food Service Program
Apply for Free/Reduced-Price Lunches

Holland Public Schools asks that ALL families complete the meal applicaation to ensure continued funding to support ALL students in the district.

HMS Greenhouse/Paver Dedication

Over the pandemic our greenhouse got an upgrade with the addition of a paved walkway leading up to it.  The Art and STEM departments are offering the community a chance to have one of those pavers dedicated to a person or family. 

For a suggested donation of $20 an Art student will paint the name (3 word limit) and a design on one of the pavers in honor of whomever you choose.  Deadline to sign up this Friday!  

All proceeds go to support the Art and STEM departments at HMS. 

Online Learner Meal Plan

UPDATED INFO - 9/14/20

If you have chosen ONLINE learning, your HPS student can still receive breakfast and lunch through HPS Nutrition Services.

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Food Service Staff


Patricia Wall


Kristin Thompson

Kitchen Manager/District Chef

Arletha Banks
Kitchen Manager/District Chef