August 19, 2021

HPS introduces new Internet filter on all district devices.

Securely includes software that detects when a student may be considering self-harm.

Holland Public Schools is excited to announce its partnership with Securly in safeguarding our students, your children. 

Securly was chosen because we shared a vision of a safer, more productive digital world for our students. From web filtering to device management to self-harm detection, Securly is dedicated to keeping young minds healthy, engaged, and inspired. Additionally, we chose Securly for its strong adherence to data privacy and management laws. 

Securly protects more than 10 million students across the US at school and at home, plus has over 2 million parents engaging in their child’s activity on school devices.

As a student safety company, keeping student data safe and secure is a top priority.  We have implemented a security program to protect the information we collect from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Our security measures are designed to protect personal information, to limit the dissemination of personal information to only designated staff or third party vendors as is reasonably necessary to the provision of Services. You can find our COPPA Privacy Policy here

Securly is SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant, and our Filter is also certified by iKeepSafe. For more than a decade, schools and parents have relied on iKeepSafe, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, for balanced information about using technology safely. iKeepSafe’s reviews are conducted by some of the most qualified professionals in the field. For full details about the rigorous certification process Securly undergoes each year, please see

Securly is also a signatory of the Future of Privacy Forum Student Privacy Pledge ( To be a signatory, Securly has to meet their standards for protecting student data and privacy.

Through this partnership, the students of HPS will be protected everywhere, on any device.