April 26, 2024

Two HHS Artists Recognized at 2024 HAAC "Debut" Exhibit

Debut Regional Juried High School Art Competition at the Holland Area Arts Council.

  • Miranda Lemus - All Eyes on You | Art Excellence Award - 2nd Place
  • Harper Schoon-Tanis - Giraffes Wear Suits | Dennis Foley Award

The Exhibit features works from students from around the area. April 12 -May 25 (Admission is free of charge.)


All Eyes on You:


“This portrait is dedicated to the Democratic Republic of Congo and all of Africa. The red eyes represent the terms “blood/conflict minerals”. Including the brutal exploitation of Africa’s human bodies and natural resources. Human rights are violated to meet demands of advancing technology, it’s incredibly important to be aware of how our electronics are sourced and made.” Miranda Lemus

Giraffes Wear Suits:


" Making this giraffe was a very trust-the-process sort of process. It was just an idea I really hoped was going to work. Making the wire skeleton, covering it in so many layers of modeling clay, adding paper mache, and painting it were all just things I hoped would go well and luckily, they did. I learned a lot about sculpture making and I’m happy with how this came out."  Harper Schoon-Tanis