October 29, 2022

School Election Day is Tuesday, November 8

On the ballot in the City of Holland: 19.5-Mill Non-Homestead Millage Proposal

  • Supports Daily Operating Budget
  • Does Not Apply to Primary Residences

Tuesday, November 8 is School Election Day in the City of Holland. We hope you will get to the polls to vote or will be voting by absentee ballot. 

Along with a number of seats on the HPS School Board, there is a 19.5-mill Non-Homestead Millage Proposal on this year’s ballot. Of that amount, no more than 18-mills can be levied in any given year. This millage represents roughly 25% of the revenue used to operate the schools and serve students and families in the City of Holland each day. In prior elections this levy has been approved by overwhelming margins.

This proposal does NOT apply to your primary residence. It applies to second homes and business, rental, and commercial properties in the district. 

Please vote on November 8!