September 6, 2022

Holland High to Cut 2022 Football Season Short

Dutch Football will play two more regular season games before ending their regular season on September 16.

In order to protect players from potential injury and to provide a greater opportunity for long-term growth of the Varsity Football program, the Holland High School Athletic Department will shorten the 2022 Football season. The Dutch will take the field at Mona Shores this Friday night, and will complete the regular season on Friday, September 16 with a home game against Zeeland West at Ray & Sue Smith Stadium at Hope College.

Holland High Athletic Director, Blake Muller discussed the difficult decision during a meeting tonight with players and parents. 

With such a low number of upperclassmen (some of whom are playing this year for the first time) we have asked sophomores to fill most roster positions against varsity competition where there is a clear physical and developmental difference on the field. We are so proud of the fight that this team has shown since the first day of practice and the work they have put in to make these first four weeks possible. From recruiting friends to join the team, to lacing up despite being physically out-manned and out-matched, the efforts of this team will be remembered as they have helped us rebuild the Holland Football program.

Holland will continue to field teams for Junior Varsity games for the remainder of the 2022 season. Head Football Coach, Will Siffin says the decision to shorten the Varsity season will allow his staff to focus on the future of the program and invest more time training the Freshmen and Junior Varsity players currently on the team roster.  

There are a handful of seniors on the current Varsity Football roster who will not be eligible to play in any Junior Varsity games for the remainder of the season: Mateo Clawson, Nolan Currier, Paul Klomparens, Mario Lee, Donal Morin, and Santiago Solano. These players will be allowed to continue practicing with the team and invited to assist sideline coaches during JV games for the remainder of the season. They will also be honored for their commitment to the Dutch Football program during an upcoming event.

Holland High School Administrators are currently working on adjusting plans for Homecoming Week: September 26 - October 1. They will announce plans when events are scheduled.