January 25, 2022

Quiz Bowl Week 3

DNA tore up the evening in the Allegan County Quiz Bowl League.


On Monday, J anuary 24, Varsity "A" team of Trent Burgess, Will Green, Josh Munguia, and Alyssa Price swept the evening with a 5-0 record, while the Varsity "B" team of James Baer, Maria Rocha, Melania Rocha, and Cora Van Faasen did a great job in their own bracket, compiling a 4-1 record including a comeback, sudden-death win in one match.  The JV team of Adam Alderson, Natalie Goulooze, Eleanor McMullen, and Ben Rund-Scott also cleaned the board with a 5-0 record in their group.  The Dutch Nerd Army will be in action again in two weeks in Hamilton, where they will play their last 4 matches of the round robin season.  Great job, team!