July 2, 2021

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Summer School

"Summer school is SO good! There are a lot of experiences going on like visuals and active experiences. I'm thinking we can do the same thing next year!" -Will, 11

This year we have tried something new for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing program and ESY services. For the first time, we have combined the preschool through HS age DHH students for programming and it has been INCREDIBLE!  We have provided differentiated programming through an all-inclusive language rich environment.  Breakfast and lunch are all together to develop natural social language. Mornings are spent doing language and literacy activities based on age and ability levels and the afternoon is for a whole group authentic language experience based around our weekly theme. 

Comments from the students include:

  • "Camp days are the best day of my life." -Rory-age 4
  • "Summer school is better this year!  Cooking and socializing with people who sign is great!  I also like learning and picking up English words." -Jacob Age 17
  • "I feel like summer school is SO much fun!  I love helping and encouraging the little kids to learn sign language. I enjoy all the planned events like the picnic at the park, fishing, ice cream day and camping!" -Ati age 15
  • "Summer school is fun because we listen and watch stories in sign language"-Ana age 6
  • "I like summer school because we go to a lot of places like a park and fishing and Captain Sundae.  I like making crafts and writing." - Kipton age 9