students walk in hallway
June 6, 2024

Welcome To Holland Sixth Grade Orchestra

About Class:

  • Full year commitment.
  • Class meets everyday, instrument and book needed everydayInstrument locker is provided for storage during the day 
  • There are approximately 3 concerts per year (Dec., Mar., May) 
  • Grade is made up of Daily participation, tests (playing or written), attendance at concerts                      
    • Concerts missed due to excused absence can be made up with completion of a make up assignment.  Uniform is black pants, black shoes and socks, school-provided polo shirt

Home Practice…is key to maximum growth!!!

  • Students need to practice at home approximately 50, 75,100  minutes a week outside the school day for maximum progress (time increases throughout the year.    

  • 50 minutes to start, 75-100 minutes middle-end of year     

  • Time may be divided among as many days as time allows.

Three options available for obtaining an instrument: 

  • Meyer Music Rental plan (most popular and highly recommended):  monthly payment covers use, all repairs and replacement in case of theft or extreme ACCIDENTAL damage, all supplies, music stand and method book!   Students start on a proper size instrument and easily transfer to bigger size when needed.  Payments transfer from one size to another size instrument!  You can get a rental online at, (, in person at the Holland, Meyer Music Store at 675 E. Lakewood Blvd., or  call the store at 3966583
  • Use of an instrument from family or friends:  be sure it is the proper starting size for your student and is in good working order (Meyer Music can do free inspection).  You will need to purchase a method book and supplies.    Do not purchase an instrument from the internet.  Most are of inferior quality and do not work properly.  Please contact Mrs. O’Neill if you need help getting an instrument.  
  • Use of a school owned instrument:  one, yearly payment to help cover maintenance of the instrument.  $30 for violin, $40 for viola, $50 for cello, $60 for string bass.  Must renew application and payment each school year.   You will need to purchase a method book, and supplies.  Email to request a form and reserve your instrument.

Arranging for an instrument by August 1 will ensure your student has their instrument for the start of school void backordering and delays in delivery.   The Meyer Music team will be available at the middle school open house on Aug. 20.  

I look forward to working with your students during the 2024-25 school year.  
Mrs. Kay O’Neill