students walk in hallway
June 6, 2024

Welcome To Holland’s Sixth Grade Band!

We are SO excited to welcome you and your student into the Holland Band Program! 

The incoming 6th graders have shown great enthusiasm for music and we are ready to make some amazing sounds together in the coming year. The Holland Bands perform at numerous festivals around Michigan and local events, such as Tulip Time and the Parade of Lights. Students participating in band develop live-long friendships and life skills such as perseverance, responsibility, and teamwork.

About the class:

  • Full year commitment
  • Class meets everyday– students need their instrument, book, and pencil
  • Instrument storage is provided during the day 
  • There are 2-3 concerts per year that happen outside of the school day
  • Grade is made up of: daily participation and preparation, playing tests, written work, and attendance at concerts
    • Concerts missed due to excused absences can be made up with completing a make-up assignment within one week

Home Practice is key to maximum growth

  • Students need to practice at home for approximately 50, 75, 100 minutes a week outside the school day for maximum progress (time increases throughout the year: 50 minutes to start, 75-100 minutes middle-end of year). There are also opportunities to practice outside of class time but still at school    
  • Time may be divided among as many days as time allows.

There are three options available for obtaining an instrument:

  1. Meyer Music rental plan (most popular, highly recommended)Monthly payment covers use, all repairs and replacement in case of theft or accidental damage, music stand, and the method bookPayments will transfer from instrument to instrument if students decide to switch or step up to an intermediate level instrumentEasy to get startedonline at, ( person at the Holland, Meyer Music Store at 675 E. Lakewood Blvd.,  call the store at 396-6583
  2. Use an instrument from family/friend. Make sure it is a reputable brand and in good working condition (Meyer Music will do a free inspection)You will need to purchase the method book and instrument maintenance supplies. DO NOT purchase an internet instrument. Most are of inferior quality and will either not work properly or break very easily. Please contact Ms. Miller if you need help finding a good quality instrument.
  3. Using a school-owned instrument. One yearly $75 payment to cover summer maintenance of instrument and minor repairs (must renew application and payment each school year)You will need to purchase the method book and instrument maintenance suppliesThese are provided on a need-based and first come, first served basis. Email to put your name on the list for the fall. 

Arranging for an instrument by August 1 will ensure that your student has their instrument for the start of school and avoids backorders and delivery delays. The Meyer Music fitting and rental team will be available at the middle school open house on August 20 from 4-6pm to help answer questions or assist with setting up the rental process. Any rental instruments will be delivered to the school within the first week of classes.

I am filled with anticipation and ready to see everyone in the fall and to work with the newest members of the HMS Band Family!

Claire Miller