June 9, 2024

16th Teachers Live Here Grant Awarded

Jenifer Jongekryg is a teacher at Holland High School.  Thanks to an anonymous donation from a family in the city and to the support of the Holland Educational Foundation, she and her husband (who also works at Holland High) will get $25,700 toward the down payment of a home in the Holland area as a part of Teachers Live Here!

I have been told how admirable it is that my husband and i foster high school students. We do itbecause we like it, we are good at it, and we see the need out there.Unfortunately, our housing situation makes continuing this passion of fostering morechallenging. Space is paramount and the lack of space means that our whole household is intight quarters. Because of this, my husband and I are looking for larger housing options, butfinding a big house in Holland is very expensive. People have told us to look elsewhere - thenorth side of Holland, Zeeland, Allegan, but moving out of HPS’ district feels like a big loss tomy family.

We love living in the same area as our students. We love being able to go on a walk around our block and randomly seeing our students. These neighborhood, out-of-school life encounters deepen the connections that we have with our students.