March 21, 2024

State Educators visit Holland's TWBI Programs

Hoping to learn how to grow programs in their home-districts, Members of the Michigan Department of Education's Dual Language Collaborative toured the Two-Way Bilingual Immersion programs at Holland Language Academy and Holland Middle School this week.

Visitors shared they were impressed with the high levels of student engagement, the amount of Spanish produced by students, and the teachers' consistent efforts to support students.

HPS has had the opportunity to welcome many new students from Spanish speaking countries this year. The TWBI program provides a meaningful classroom experience where they are the experts to model for others, even as their classmates model what learning in the United States is like. It is a win-win experience for all.

HPS started the TWBI program in 2009 and it has grown and developed to offer many students the opportunity to develop two languages. Students can also earn the Seal of Biliteracy as they enter high school, carrying their skills beyond their K-12 experience.