February 20, 2024

HPSPodcast 4.22

This week, we introduce you to the FINALISTS for the Power H IMPACT - Rookie of the Year Award.


Stormy Diaz - 2nd Grade at HTS

Stormy is a graduate of HPS. She was a student from a challenging background, but had amazing support from her parents and continued to persevere after graduating high school. Stormy can relate to her students and has been a great addition to the staff at Holland Heights. She has made great relationships with her students and families which is the most important piece in having a successful classroom. I can't think of anyone else that is deserving of this award besides Stormy because of the journey she has traveled to get into this position and the positive impact she is having on her students.


Jillian Sietsma -WST Preschool Specials Teacher

Jill is new to our district this year and is the specials teacher for K/TK and Great Start Readiness Preschool (GSRP) 5-day programs at West. Jill jumped right in this year and is enthusiastic about teaching our youngest students. Jill has shown herself to be a team player, encouraging the other members of the team and willing to do extra.

Thad LeFebre – PE JEF/HTS

My child loves having him as a teacher. He comes home each PE special day talking about all the fun and exciting games Mr. LeFebre has them play. Thadd is a product of HPS, and it is so cool to see him back at "home" doing what he loves.


Lourdes Hernandez – HLA 4th Grade

It’s clear that she believes in his potential and pushes him to reach new heights, and for that, I am incredibly thankful. Her optimism and belief in Sam’s abilities have not only inspired him to strive for improvement but have also instilled in him a sense of confidence and determination that will undoubtedly serve him well in the future.


Maribeth Slusher – JEF 3rd Grade

it's hard to imagine Jefferson Elementary School without Maribeth Slusher. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her work ethic unmatched, and she is beloved by everyone who knows her (but especially her third graders). Mrs. Slusher is quick to smile and to bring the smiles out in others.


Nick Koessel – Counselor at HMS

Nick Koessel has a passion for helping others. From his first day Nick jumped right in and was willing and ready to support our students. He has created student support groups to meet with identified students, which has given a place for many students who need support. Nick is an amazing addition to the HMS team!


Christina Piotrowski – HHS Registrar

Christina started at Holland High this fall as registrar and has excelled in this position. She came in with no previous experience as a registrar but you wouldn't know it. She has helped problem solve tough situations, provides excellent customer service to families, and is a team player.


Raquel Diaz – JEF Preschool

Raquel Diaz is a new GSRP teacher at Jefferson Elementary. Raquel continues to have a growth mindset and a desire to learn in order to help the children in her classroom learn, develop, and achieve their full potential. Raquel is dedicated to supporting the greater Holland community. She has a passion for teaching young children and I have no doubt that she will continue to do amazing things in the years to come!


Dylan Meyer – District Tech (OAISD)

Dylan is a district field technician for technology. He is ALWAYS ready with a solution to my tech problems. He makes me feel capable of handling the tech and he never allows me to feel like I have made an insignificant request. 


Joy Zomer – District Student Support

In her short time, Joy has demonstrated the impact she has had with HPS students: Joy's impact on the lives of suspended students have included improved academic performance, credit recovery, increased attendance, and positive changes in behavior. Because of these factors we have had more students engaged in school and education as a whole.