October 4, 2023

Holland Public Schools Grows in Enrollment

October count shows the district grew by 44 students in the last year.


After today’s fall count, enrollment in the district is 2863 students.  That is 44 more students than last year on count day (2819). 

This year’s increase in the number of students at HPS is a testimony to the great things happening in the district. The Holland community is taking notice of our staff’s commitment to student success and the big opportunities we are able to provide students while maintaining a small-school feeling. - Superintendent Nick Cassidy

The 2023-2024 budget for Holland Public Schools was based on a predicted loss of 65 students. This prediction was determined by an outside enrollment projection firm. 

Today’s count will result in a significant increase in state funding for the district. Additional funding will be used to hire and develop teachers, maintain small class sizes, and increase student engagement in the classroom and participation in extracurricular activities.

We know that a healthy public school system is key to a healthy community. So, to see an increase over last year’s enrollment count, especially when projections told us to expect fewer students this year, is evidence that investments we are making in students and staff are making a difference. It is really great news for all families in the City of Holland. - Cassidy

We believe Holland Public Schools is the center of a thriving city and it is our responsibility to unite our city around the success of all students.