August 26, 2023

Local Business Supports HLA Teacher

Mezkla Taqueria & Fruteria donates flexible seating to Maestra LaRosa's classroom.

1st Grade students in Maestra LaRosa's class at Holland Language Academy will enjoy flexible seating this year thanks to a downtown Holland business.  Mezkla Taqueria & Fruteria donated hundreds of dollars in classroom supplies to Anna LaRosa this week.

I definitely respect educators and all the work they do.  They play a very important role in each student's life.  I have fond memories of educators who made a difference in my life, so i definitely want to help and support those who make a difference in others. -Patricia Vazquez - Owner of Mezkla Taqueria & Fruteria

The donated material include alternative seating: wobbly chairs, cushions, and floor desks. Maestra LaRosa says the flexible seating meets students where they are and helps them be comfortable as they learn

I feel so blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude for all of this!  When Principal Iliana told me about this, i was just so excited. Thank you Mezkla!  I am just so glad to be here in Holland working at HPS! -Anna LaRosa

Thank you so much for all you do, we're wishing you the best this school year - and all educators a successful year.  I know its not easy, it's challenging, it has it's good and bad days, and there's a lot of responsibility. So, I am wishing you the best!  - Vazquez