November 17, 2021

Powerful Student-driven Lessons in HMS STEM class

WOOD-TV will air a story about HMS students on Thursday, November 18.

The 8th grade Advanced STEM students work weekly in various Interest Groups.  Students sign up at the beginning of the year for the group that interests them.  The teams are Nutrition, Tech, Mental Health, Construction, and Finance.  The teams are led by Project Managers (students) and assistant Project Managers (again, students), and each team is tasked with a driving question.  As an example, the Nutrition Team is tasked with designing a way to improve overall nutrition at Holland Middle School.  The teams then go through the entire Engineering Design Process as they research, brainstorm solutions, create a design/plan, and then implement it.  At present, teams are providing nutrition lessons to their peers, designing t-shirts to improve mental health, and leading tech lessons to improve learning.