The HPS School Roster 2017-2018

Our Holland Early Childhood Center (ECC) is located in the former Maplewood Elementary School. This is why you might hear it referred to as “Maplewood ECC.” There is a long history of dedicated teachers serving the needs of our youngest learners in its small and caring setting. Holland ECC offers full and half-day preschool classes for 4 year-olds. Through the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) many of the ECC’s 120 students are provided preschool classes free.

Our district serves students in the K-7 grades in five schools. Four schools are conveniently located across Holland, while one school operates out of a central city location and delivers identical core curriculum instruction in a Spanish immersion format.

Along with excellent classroom teachers, all five K-7 schools provide students with extended learning opportunities in music, art, P.E., and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Students in the 6th and 7th grades also enjoy more expanded offerings typically offered in the middle school grades. Music, sports, and student council are examples. Parent involvement is welcomed!

Our four K-7 schools are East K-7, Heights K-7, Jefferson K-7, and West K-7.

The other K-7 school is the Holland Language Academy (HLA). This school delivers core curriculum in Spanish in a unique Two-Way-Bilingual-Instruction design, in which classroom rosters are comprised of students who come from both “Spanish speaking” and “English speaking” homes. This feature provides a beneficial cultural dynamic not found in many Spanish-immersion programs which serve largely students from English speaking households. Given its instructional purpose, Holland Language Academy only accepts students entering kindergarten.

Students in grades 8-12 are served by an award-winning and richly diverse secondary program. Students are accorded many learning opportunities to connect with their interests and abilities, from the arts, to academics, to athletics, to honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Every student is unique and Holland High offers a variety of educational pathways to help every student pursue their dreams, whether it involves going to college or beginning a new career. Holland High’s counselors, teachers, and staff take the time to listen and learn about the needs of their students so their guidance and instruction are effective, purposeful, and relevant. 

Holland High offers a traditional high school program in a recently renovated and updated environment. Through its on-campus HVRT virtual tech program, students needing additional credits and support are provided an additional path to stay on course to earning their high school diploma.

Holland Early College also offers an exciting choice for 8th-10th grade students. Located in the former, but now renovated Longfellow School, Holland Early College offers enrolled students the opportunity to earn a Holland High diploma while also earning enough credits to graduate with a two-year college Associate’s Degree. The program details are definitely worth exploring. Last spring Holland Early College honored its first group of graduates who earned both degrees, so the cornerstones of this beneficial program are rock-solid and in place.

THANK YOU for taking the time to learn more about our eight schools and program offerings. We strive to deliver educational excellence to our students using effective technology supported ways. All of our students participate in our 1:1 technology device program.  We also strive to provide learning settings which are safe, accepting, and caring.

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