students walk in hallway
April 27, 2022

HMS Orchestra Awarded Division 1 Medals

The Holland 8th Grade Orchestra came home with 19 1st division medals from the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Northpointe Christian Schools last Saturday April 18, 2022.

Congratulations to the Holland High School 8th grade orchestra and ensembles for continuing the tradition of excellence for the Holland Public School Orchestras. 

The events are as follows:

  • Gabriella Halacy and Dakota White: Cello and Viola Duet - 1st Division
  • Lela Sundararajan: VIolin Solo - 1st Division
  • Trinity Westwood: Cello Solo - 1st Division
  • 8th Grade Orchestra- 1st Division
    Jack Bolt - Violin, Kamaria Brandon-Bowie- Violin, Tabitha Brown-VIolin, Emma Deenik-Viola, Gabriella Hallacy -Viola, Mark Jordan - Bass, William Lubbers - Bass, Lucas Marlor - Violin, Kimia McMullen - Viola, Jiro Medellin - Viola, Faolan Rohr - VIolin, Lelia Sundararajan - Violin, Bethany VanBeek - Violin, Trinity Westwood - Cello, Dakota White - Cello.