Odysseyware Links for Students

About the Odysseyware Online Learning Platform

Odysseyware is the online tool that is used for students to accomplish their work in a lab setting blended with direct teacher support. Lessons, assessments, and instructional tools are designed to equip learners with resources for academic success, incorporating a mix of grade-appropriate text, direct instruction videos, learning activities and games. Odysseyware lessons also integrate numerous instructional supports to address diverse learning styles and allow ongoing collaboration between learners and online teachers through direct instruction videos.

Direct Instruction Videos: Odysseyware’s rich and engaging “Direct Instruction Videos” provide step-by-step guidance to assist students in the conceptual understanding of key concepts and procedural skills, impart background knowledge, place concepts into a real-world context, and allow students to learn at their own pace.

Virtual Laboratories: Math and Science Virtual Laboratories recreate and expand the traditional student laboratory experience. Fully interactive and built to encourage active learning, engagement, and the application of conceptual understanding, Virtual Labs provide a safe and interactive learning experience.

Assessment: Embedded formative and summative assessments test student progress toward content mastery and help inform instruction.

Odysseyware Site - https://hollandps.owschools.com/

Website containing all Vocabulary Sheets, Projects and English Readings - http://www.hollandpublicschools.org/profiles/Martha_A_Fincher/

Desmos Calculator- www.desmos.com

Encyclopedia Britannica - https://school.eb.com/levels/high/

National Public Radio - https://www.npr.org/

Merriam Webster Dictionary - https://www.merriam-webster.com/

Periodic Table of the Elements - https://www.ptable.com/