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Scholarship Application Information
All of the HHS Scholarship information is located on the Scholarship News You Can Use section of the HHS website. This page is updated often. It is recommended that students/parents check it on a weekly basis.

  1. Research scholarships on the Scholarship News You Can Use section of the website. Scholarships may also be found using the following well-respected websites. All of these websites have a scholarship locator which will ask questions and match you to scholarships that meet your criteria.
  1. Carefully review the scholarships on the website and determine if you meet the criteria for application.  Create a list or spreadsheet of scholarships to intend to apply for.
  2. Make a note of any pertinent application information such as where the application is located (counseling office or online), the deadline for application, if letters of recommendation are required, etc. It is helpful to keep a calendar of important deadlines.
  3. Be certain to follow all of the directions in the application.  Proofread all applications thoroughly and have other trusted adults review your work for mistakes before you submit.
  4. Request any written recommendations from teachers or counselors at least one week in advance of when they are needed.  
  5. Be certain to mail/submit the completed application ahead of the deadline.  Allow time for mail processing if you are sending it via the postal service.
  6. All college-bound seniors are advised to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The financial information contained in the FAFSA is required for consideration for any federal, state, or college-based programs and is often required for scholarships.  Parents and students may complete the FAFSA online starting Oct. 1, 2019.
  7. The best source of scholarships and financial aid information is directly from the college/university that you are interested in attending. Be certain to contact the schools' admissions or financial aid office directly for more information.