Dual Enrollment

Hope College Dual Enrollment

  • Students can qualify with scores from specified scores on SAT, ACT, PLAN, or PSAT. Table available with qualifying scores in coursebook, and Michigan Department of Education website.
  • HPS participates in the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEO) and, therefore, provides payment per the per pupil spending allowance for eligible course(s). Due to uncertainty in the state money for education,we are not able to provide an exact amount, however, $650 was the amount provided for eligible courses this semester. (Eligible courses are those not offered at the high school, are generally core courses, not areas of craft, hobby, recreation, theology, religion.)
  • If course is not eligible for PSEO, student may still be able to take the course if their test scores meet eligibility requirements, however, student/family would need to cover the cost of the course.

Cost Estimates based on 4 credit course: (Hope provides scholarship of 50% off for students with GPA of 3.5or higher.)
Course tuition: $2,200
PSEO estimate: - $650.00

Fee if not 3.5 = $1,550
50% off if 3.5 - $775
Estimated total = $775

Dual Enrollment documents needed: (By May 15)

Dual Enrollment Information and link to course catalog

Application Process and Timeline with Hope College:

  • New Dual Enrollee - Gather test scores for eligibility, choose college course, meet with Mrs. Hemmeke to discuss eligibility and how course may work in your schedule for fall.
    • Apply using Hope College Online Application. (Website above, #3 document) entering High School Official as "Sue Hemmeke", email: shemmeke@hollandpublicschools.org.
    • After submitting online application to Hope College, parent and school official will receive link to complete. Holland High School transcript will be sent from school official.
    • If accepted, admissions office will email student; $100 security deposit will be required.
    • Hope Registrar will email information for registering by Aug. 1.
  • Return Dual Enrollee - Meet with Mrs. Hemmeke regarding potential course/your schedule.

    • Submit HHS Permission to Enroll form.

    • By May 15, apply using Hope College Online Application (Website above, #3) and register with Hope Registrar, submitting paperwork to her by Aug. 1

  • All~Tuesday, Aug. 27: First day of class at Hope College for fall semester.

    Questions: Please contact Mrs. Hemmeke for questions about high school approval to dually enroll or courses eligible. For questions for staff at Hope about admission (395-7850) or course registration (395-7760).