Course Offerings and Scheduling

Graduation Requirements

Scheduling Process

  • In mid-February or early March, students are given a copy of their high school transcript and the counselors discuss the progress each student is making toward earning a high school diploma. Then students are given a red course description book that contains a one paragraph description of each class taught at Holland High School and a list of available classes for the next year. At that time, a guidance counselor discusses which classes are required (“required” classes must be passed to meet diploma requirements )to take the following year for that student and offers suggestions as to which classes to select. The counselor also explains elective (“elective” classes are the student’s choice) classes that are available.
  • Each student at Holland High School is asked to choose their top 15 choices plus 3 alternate classes. (Remember that in a trimester system, students take 5 classes each of three terms for a total of 15 classes.) When scheduling, Holland High does everything possible to give the student their top choice classes and only reverts to an “alternate” if there is a scheduling conflict that makes it impossible to honor their top choice.
  • At the beginning of May when all class requests have been entered into the computer, Holland High mails a printout of the classes requested by that student to their home so that parents and students may discuss these choices to be certain that those classes are indeed appropriate for that student’s future goals. Parents and students are asked to contact the counselors immediately in May to discuss any class changes that they wish to make.
  • When every student at Holland High has turned in their top 15 class choices, we count how many students have asked for each class and then determine how many sections we need to offer of each class. That is how we build the master schedule. The master schedule tells us how many sections of each class will be offered, at what time during the school day, by which teacher and in which classroom.
  • Once the master schedule is determined, each student’s class choices are run through the computer to generate their actual class schedule. This is the schedule that students pick up at registration in late August. If there was any kind of a scheduling conflict, a student might see “see your counselor” printed in a class period. That directs the student to walk in to the Counseling Center during that class period to see their counselor about selecting a new class.
  • In the fall, everything is all set and running at Holland High. The class schedule is set, the number of sections is set, the teachers report to certain room numbers, textbooks have been ordered for each class. All of this is generated by the class requests that the student made in March.
  • Because all of the desks have already been assigned to individual students, there are very few “unassigned” or “open” desks in each classroom. That is why, if a student changes their mind in the fall about which classes they actually want to take, class changes are based on seat availability. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to give careful consideration to the list of top choices turned in each March because it may not be possible to change what classes the student is taking in the fall.

Procedure for Making a Scheduling Change

  • All schedule changes must be made through a guidance counselor. Because of the complexities of changing a schedule, a student must be present when a change is being made for them. Until a change has been officially made by the counselor, students must continue to follow their original class schedule.
  • The “Drop and Add” period for all students is one week before each term begins and the first week of each term. This is a two week period when a student may try to make any changes that they wish. Following the “Drop and Add” period, a student must remain in the classes that appear on their schedule in our computer for the remainder of that term. The only person who can change a schedule following the official “Drop and Add” period is a building administrator.
  • The following students will be seen IMMEDIATELY by their counselor:
    • new students who have no class schedule
    • students who have “see your counselor” printed in a class period
    • students who have the same class mistakenly repeated on their schedule
    • students with fewer than 5 classes each term.
  • The following students may fill out a “Schedule Change Form”, turn it in and will be contacted by the counselors within the first few days of school:
    • students who for any reason have changed their minds about which classes they wish to take