Careerline Tech Center

For more information about the Careerline Tech Center please visit their website. Click this link to complete an application to attend.

Selection Process for Career Line Tech Center (CLTC)
There are thirteen local high schools that send juniors & seniors for training at the CLTC. Class sizes for each program are limited. Depending on the size of the high school, we are told how many of our students may sign up to attend each training program in the fall.

Each January, representatives from the CLTC come to speak with our entire Sophomore and Junior classes. During this presentation, students are given a chance to hear about the different vocational training programs that are taught at the CLTC. When the presentation in the auditorium is over, students who would like to attend CLTC next fall are given an opportunity to sign up for a tour of two of the programs.

The tour is usually held the last week of Jan. or the first week of Feb. and will take place during the school day. Students must turn in a completed permission slip in order to attend.

Following the tour, students are welcome to apply for a program. Applications are accepted in the counseling office for 1 week following the tour date. The counselors then have to screen each student application to check the student's attendance, record in school, and their grades. Each class at CLTC has specific student requirements to get in, and if the student has very poor attendance or many class failures during the ninth & tenth grade, they may not qualify to attend CLTC. The counselors then notify the students who signed up to go out to the CLTC whether they were actually accepted into the program that they requested or if they are placed on a waiting list.

During scheduling, students who were accepted to attend CLTC next fall place the exact name of their training program on their list of course requests for the following fall. In September, the student receives a class schedule at registration that shows that they will be at the CLTC for three periods per day.

*Please note:  If a student decides after February that they would like to attend CLTC, they should speak with their guidance counselor immediately.  Many times we can place a student on a “waiting list” out at CLTC.  In September, frequently students have moved or decided that they don’t want to attend CLTC so desks open and students on the “waiting list” can get in during the first week of school.