Cooperative Education

Program Overview

Cooperative Training is a school-to-work program that involves the schools, students, parents/ guardians, and the business community.  It matches a student’s class work and career interests with work-site based learning opportunities.  The Cooperative Training Program is not a job placement service; it is an enrollment program which enables students to receive training/career exploration and supervised work experience under actual paid employment conditions, while also continuing their academic studies. 

The Cooperative Training Program is a full-year program designed primarily for high school seniors.  Juniors are accepted into the program by recommendation of their counselor.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from work.  Students enrolled in the program are also required to take one course each semester related to the training they receive on the job. Students must be enrolled in five classes (Co-op can be one of the five classes).  Students attending Career-line Tech Center must enroll in at least one on-campus class per semester.  Either one-half or one credit per semester is granted for Co-op depending upon the number of courses a student is enrolled in.  Placement must be in the student’s Career Pathway as identified in his/her E.D.P. (Educational Development Plan). 

The student’s job duties are outlined in advance and performance and progress on the job are supervised by their employer and the school Co-op Coordinator.  Co-op students usually work 5-15 hours per week, with a minimum average requirement of 5 hours per week.  Should a student’s school work or performance on the job become unsatisfactory, removal from the Co-op program could result.  The student’s first obligation is to his/her school work.

Rules and Responsibilities
Students are expected to report to their sites as scheduled by their employers, be on time, and be responsible for duties they are given.  Students are expected to dress according to their employer’s guidelines and follow all worksite policies and procedures as well as all school policies and procedures.

Student learners must maintain enrollment in at least three other classes.  They are encouraged to be active students and are expected to keep up with schoolwork, school activities, and graduation requirements.

Cooperative Education students are expected to report to their sites when they are scheduled to work even if school is called off due to weather (such as on snow days or vacation days). If they are ill or have a family emergency, they should always inform their employer as soon as possible that they will not be at work.  If a student is absent for illness or other acceptable reasons for a length of time that will not give them their required weekly hours, they must inform the following:


            Career Prep Coordinator

If school activities are scheduled during work hours, students must inform their employer well in advance so they can schedule around the school activities. Most employers are willing to work around athletic and other extracurricular events if given appropriate notice.

Employer Rules and Responsibilities
Employers are expected to provide students with a positive work experience.  They are asked to share insights into their jobs and their organization and requirements of their career field.  Employers should make students aware of expectations and responsibilities, explain all policies and procedures and provide assistance or training when necessary. Adequate safety training should be given to each employee prior to the student starting their job. Each employer should be compliant with OSHA standards.

Employers are asked to involve students in as many aspects of the job as possible, including meetings, problem-solving, and decision-making.  Employers/Supervisors will be asked to complete a performance evaluation each semester which will factor into the student learner's final course grade.

Enrollment Procedures
In order for Co-op to be placed on your schedule, the following must be completed:

  1. A completed application with parent signature needs to be returned to the Co-op Office.  Download Co-op Application
  2. A related class needs to be selected and placed on your schedule. 
  3. Your job must be approved by the Career Prep Coordinator.

*If you are a senior, you must decide if Co-op is for one, two, or three hours of credit per semester. (.5, 1, 1.5 credit toward graduation)

*Juniors are only eligible for one hour of credit per semester (.5 credits toward graduation)

After these procedures are complete, the Career Prep Coordinator, along with the employer/supervisor, will decide whether the student meets requirements to work at the site in the desired position.

Credit Requirements 
(½ – 3 credits)

Senior students in the Cooperative Education program can earn up to 1.5 credits per semester (up to 3 credits per year) for meeting the following requirements:


  • Attend all meetings with the Career Prep Coordinator when scheduled
  • Report to assigned site at least 5 hours per week for each ½ credit enrolled per semester
  • Call in all absences immediately to:
    • Employer/Supervisor
    • Career Prep Coordinator
  • Maintain enrollment in at least three other classes

Agreement and Consent Forms
Return signed Training Agreement/Training Plan by the due date

Time Slips
Time slips verifying hours of work experience must be completed and turned for every 2 weeks of experience. (Time-slips can be downloaded from the main Career Prep Office Page)


Participate in an evaluation process each marking period

Holland Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, height, weight, marital status, handicap, disability, or limited English proficiency in any of its programs or activities.  Inquiries regarding the district's non-discrimination policies should be directed to:  Director of Human Resources, Holland Public Schools, 156 West 11th Street, Holland, MI   49423,  (616) 494-2025.