Volunteer Forms

We require a Volunteer Form from every school day guest and volunteer

The school day safety procedure in place at every HPS school requires parents and guests to wait in the main school office for their student – and not walk down the hall to the classroom. This saves instructional time and improves building security considerably.

We also require a completed volunteer form (below) from every classroom visitor and guest during the school day. If you'd like to volunteer, help out in your child's class, or help with a field trip, you'll need to fill out a volunteer form. The form is available in every school office and on our district website. This policy does not apply to adult volunteers who have already completed their forms for our files. New volunteer forms need to be completed by EVERYONE every year.

To further complement our security efforts, the district also uses security cameras to videotape activity where there is no expectation of privacy (hallways, lobbies, parking lots, cafeterias, etc.). The security cameras are not monitored by school officials all of the time, but the video recordings may be identified and used later as deemed appropriate.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Volunteer Form - English | Spanish