Acceptable Use Agreements for Students

All Student users of Technology Resources are required to sign this Acceptable Use Agreement (the “Agreement”) in order to receive authorization to use Technology Resources.  Holland Public Schools (the “School District”) does not authorize any use of Technology Resources which are not conducted in strict compliance with this Agreement and the School District’s Policy 5136—Wireless Communication Devices, 5513—Care of District Property, 5517.01—Bullying and Other Aggressive Behavior Toward Students, 7540.01—Technology Privacy, 7540.03—Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety, 7543—Remote Access to the District’s Technology Resources, 7545—Electronic Communications, the iPad Student and Parent Handbook, and/or the Student Code of Conduct as part of the Holland High School Handbook. 

Acceptable Use Agreement for Students Under 18

Acceptable Use Agreement for Students 18 and Over