Holland Public Schools curriculum is aligned with Michigan Department of Education State Academic Standards K-12.The state academic standards serve to outline learning expectations for Michigan’s students and are intended to guide our local curriculum development. These standards should be used as a framework for curriculum development with the curriculum itself prescribing instructional resources, methods, progressions, and additional knowledge valued by our HPS community. These standards provide a platform for state assessments, which are used to measure how well schools are providing opportunities for all students to learn the content outlined by the standards. Horizontal alignment assures that all students have access to the same curriculum regardless of which Holland Public School they attend or teacher they are assigned. Vertical articulation addresses the transition between one grade or subject level to the next. At HPS, this is an ongoing process that is never fully complete as teachers and administrators continue to look at data, research, and resources and how well the curriculum is being implemented. We believe that ensuring that every student has the same access to curriculum and instruction is the right of every student at HPS!

Curriculum maps are available upon request by contacting contacting Patti Dobias, Director of School Improvement.