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Our District Strategic Plan, 2015-2020


To be THE renowned beacon of educational excellence by preparing ALL students to have success in their lives


World Ready

College • Career • Community


  • Academic Mastery
  • Technology Literacy
  • Collaboration and Global Thinking
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Ethical Citizenship
  • Personal Accountability
  • Cultural Intelligence

The Board of Education, Administration and Staff of Holland Public Schools acknowledge the significant demographic changes in our community that now define the fabric of who we are as a learning community. For HPS to fully realize its potential and embody the excellence that we aspire to, we must honor, celebrate and engage all who are members of our community. HPS remains at a crossroad of both challenge and opportunity. The personal history, life experiences and talents of our students and staff provide us with a unique opportunity to serve as a role model for others in our region as they too become increasingly diverse.

Through our recent equity audit, we have identified institutional and structural focus areas to address the inter/intra-personal elements critical for the success of all of our learners. This will be a journey of critical system reflection, discovery, learning, empowerment and transparency. The district recognizes that this is challenging and difficult work; but necessary for our continued success as the largest school system in the city of Holland. Our success will be dependent on the partnerships forged with similar mission-minded organizations in our community that embrace a collective impact model to maximize available resources targeting specific needs.

This strategic plan builds upon the work completed by a community advisory committee that fostered the development of the 2010-2015 strategic plan. The HPS Board of Education and Administration reflected on this plan and the collective accomplishments across the district. The Board of Education identified five new focus areas and charged the superintendent and district administration to develop an updated strategic roadmap for the next five years. This plan builds upon the next level of work with a model focused on continuous improvement, data analysis and identification of research-based best practices. The five areas of focus that have been defined, objectives and expected outcomes identified for each will require continued development and input from our stakeholders. Multiple working groups comprised of staff, students, families and community partners will be engaged to further define, implement and measure progress.

After defining a bold vision to support the learning of all students, the Build 21 campaign of 2010 supported by our generous community, has provided for a 21st century infrastructure to support 21st century learning. Our learner outcomes and skills for success framework embody the skills that will be essential for world readiness and success in a global community. It will be critical for this plan to continue addressing this infrastructure to ensure sustainability and stewardship of these resources and learning outcomes.

Significant improvements have been made to many of our procedures and protocols at the central leadership level to support student learning and staff development. This work is driving down to the building level, while at the same time, building school improvement plans are driving up and defining the needs of the district. As superintendent and board president, we are proud of the work that has been completed to date and the commitment to our staff and students. We appreciate the vision and leadership of our Board of Education as they prioritize the allocation of resources based upon a continuous review of data and system outcomes. We are proud of our growth in our student achievement while recognizing there is still much work to accomplish. We invite you to join us in this very important work.


Brian Davis, Ph.D.  

Stephen Grose
Board President

Adopted May 18, 2015


Holland Public Schools believes in an uncompromising commitment to student achievement and an unending quest to maximize student success. We excel opportunities for high quality education that requires high level of performance and commitment from ALL students, staff, parents and community through partnerships which ensures our students reach their full potential and prepare them for the future.

We believe…

  • that failure is not an option... for the success of our students and staff and that there is a shared responsibility for achieving our successes while addressing what we have learned through the study of best practices, piloting and implementation of programming
  • that individuals, families, non-profit organizations, businesses, government, social agencies and the faith-based community ...all share in the responsibility for investing the necessary resources for the development of our graduates
  • that our graduates need to be college capable, career ready and life ready recognizing the life skills needed to be productive citizens in a global learning community
  • that our District reflects the fabric of our growing and changing community and that our policies, practices and programs should as well
  • it is our collective responsibility to champion the prosperity of ALL students regardless of culture, class or community


We will…

  • only adopt new programs or services that align with and contribute toward our mission and advance student/staff performance
  • only allow a mind-set that assists in creating ways to address when, where and how learning occurs
  • only allow behaviors that promote possibilities to achieve excellence
  • only allow behaviors that advance the value of every person


  • Academics/Program
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Financial Stability
  • Infrastructure


There are many variables that impact the quality of education in our Pre K-12 program. Holland Public Schools has identified five areas of focus to strategically define and evaluate our program success while serving an increasingly diverse student body. Each of these areas of focus contain multiple strategies as we operate under a model of continuous school improvement.


Holland Public Schools will provide evidence-based curriculum, instruction, and assessments embedded in a rigorous and relevant 21st century and extra-curricular program.  The use of current/emerging technologies will be used to advance student performance defined by the District’s exit outcomes with an emphasis on accountability to academic achievement and instructional excellence for students and staff.


Holland Public Schools will promote open communication and the inclusion of diverse perspectives to sustain, strengthen and enrich our learning community.


Holland Public Schools will establish the elimination of institutional or structural barriers that inhibit the success of all students achieving the district learner outcomes.


Holland Public Schools will establish and manage a fiscally responsible operational budget.


Holland Public Schools will provide and maintain an infrastructure that is designed to maximize security and safety, 21st Century learning environments, energy efficiency, responsible use of taxpayer dollars, healthy learning environments, and use of buildings as teaching tools.

Holland Public Schools will recruit, retain and develop highly effective employees reflective of the focus areas and expected outcomes of the district strategic plan.


Objective 1: Close Achievement Gap

Holland Public Schools will address and work toward the incremental closure of the achievement gap. This will be measured by local and state measurements based upon student learning objectives that are aligned to the Michigan Standards; to achieve equity and excellence for ALL students regardless of class, culture or community.

Expected Outcomes:
  • All students will have access to a rigorous, relevant, guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  • The achievement gaps in learning will be reduced, resulting in all subgroups surpassing state and national proficiency standards, graduation rates and post-secondary success (may need to define this term, post-secondary success).
  • HPS will implement multi-tier systems of support to advance the continuum of learning for all students.
  • Entering Kindergarten students will demonstrate school readiness.
  • All students will be able to read well and independently by the end of grade three.
  • All students will be at grade level in reading/math at the end of grade five and grade seven.
  • All students in grade 11 will demonstrate proficiency in the Michigan Standards and college and career readiness.


Objective 2: Connect, communicate and celebrate the rich diversity of our school community through the recognition of our student body with activities embedded in the overall school program.

Holland Public Schools will engage students, staff, families and community partners to cultivate culturally relevant programs.

Expected Outcomes
  • The curriculum of HPS will reflect our diverse student body with culturally relevant instruction and learning activities.
  • Parent involvement and participation in school activities will increase.
  • HPS will establish partnerships with community-based organizations in a collective impact model around the targeted areas of school readiness, third grade literacy/numeracy, 5th/7th grade reading/math, 11th grade proficiency in Michigan Standards and college and career readiness, graduation rates and post-secondary success.

Objective 3: Communicate and Connect Diverse Perspectives

Holland Public Schools will develop a communication/outreach plan that engages stakeholders on an ongoing basis to support the educational mission/vision of the district, reflective of the demographics of the district.

Expected Outcomes
  • District/Building communication will be reflective of the diversity of the district in print, social and visual media.
  • District marketing and curriculum materials will embody the diverse representation of the student body.
  • A communicator network will be established that is reflective of parents, community/civic/business leaders, employees and students to assist in the sharing of internal/external information to understand and support the strategic plan through public engagement/outreach strategies.
  • Surveys of stakeholders will indicate effective communication at all levels tied to the district’s strategic directions.


Objective 4: Establish Equity of Opportunity

Holland Public Schools will create an inclusive school community where equity is exemplified through the creation and proactive reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes and actions that produce equitable power, access, treatment, opportunities and outcomes for all.

Expected Outcomes:
  • All students will have access to a rigorous, relevant, guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  • The achievement gaps in learning and disparities in discipline will be reduced resulting in all subgroups surpassing state and national proficiency standards, graduation rates and post-secondary success.
  • Holland Public Schools will be recognized as a leader in research, teaching, learning and public service.
  • Students, families and staff will report a strong sense of belonging within the school community where diverse perspectives and cultures are valued.
  • Students, families and staff will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to be contributing members of an increasingly diverse global community.
  • Staff at all levels will increasingly reflect the rich diversity of our student body.


Objective 5: Establish and maintain a minimum fund balance of 6% as determined by the Board of Education on September 17, 2007, [Policy 6106] to responsibly operate the District.

Holland Public Schools will adopt an annual budget that prioritizes, leverages and allocates the necessary local, state and federal resources for program operations.

Expected Outcomes:
  • The district will adopt an annual budget free of deficit spending measures.
  • The amount of revenue needed to supplement the core academic program for students who require multiple attempts at gaining academic proficiency will be reduced by 50%.
  • HPS will become a net-gain/neutral school of choice district.
  • Multiple collaborative partners will be firmly established to offset costs for non-instructional as well as instructional operations.


Objective 6: Optimize learning opportunities and support world readiness by maintaining and efficiently using the district infrastructure.

Holland Public Schools will provide world class facilities that are designed to maximize security and safety, 21st Century learning environments, energy efficiency, responsible use of taxpayer dollars, healthy learning environments, and use of buildings as teaching tools.

Expected Outcomes:
  • HPS will sustain high quality district-wide facilities that honor the tenants of the Build 21 campaign and taxpayer commitment and support.
  • HPS will demonstrate savings in its operational budget for energy use.
  • The flexible design of HPS facilities will be used to support the tenants of 21st century learning.
  • The district’s technology plan will define a sustainability model that incorporates the tenants of infrastructure, learning outcomes, staff development, staff expectations and resource allocation.

Objective 7: Recruit, Retain and Develop Highly Effective Employees

Holland Public Schools will develop and implement ongoing evaluation and accountability measures to ensure that all employees possess the knowledge and skills critical to be effective in their work.

Expected Outcomes:
  • The district will participate in local, state and national searches to recruit the most talented employees possible congruent with the strategic plan.
  • Retention efforts will exceed 90% of newly hired employees after five years of employment with the district.
  • All employees in HPS will be evaluated and recognized for their knowledge and skills in their professional responsibilities.
  • Professional development and training aligned with individual improvement plans will be administered to employees who demonstrate the need for growth and improvement.