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Power H Talk

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Inserted Image #20 - Listen to "Power H Talk #19" with Superintendent Brian Davis  (Nov. 12, 2015 - right click to download the file.) Nine weeks into the school year, Supt. Brian Davis shares a snapshot of district activity; describes his new "mobile office" initiative; and helps parents know what to expect when the M-Step state test results arrive .  With Thanksgiving in mind, Brian encourages listeners to join hands with HPS and help support the nonprofit Kids Food Basket project. 
Inserted Image #19 - Listen to "Power H Talk #19" with Superintendent Brian Davis  (Sept. 30, 2015 - right click to download the file.) Once a new school year begins and students are back in school, every school district in Michigan keeps a close eye on its student count for funding purposes. This Fall 2015, Holland Public Schools saw a decrease in the number of students enrolled in grades K-7 and an increase at the high school level. Supt. Brian Davis discusses the challenges facing a school district as a result of constant flux in school population. He also focuses on the role poverty and other factors play in a parent's decision to change districts. 
Inserted Image #18 - Listen to "Power H Talk #18" with Superintendent Brian Davis  (July 29, 2015 - right click to download the file.) You wouldn't know it listen to her today, but Sarah Sanderson was a quiet, introverted student at Holland Public Schools. She graduated from Holland High as valedictorian in 1999 and her adventure in learning as never stopped. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, Sarah has traveled the world teaching language and cultural immersion. Following the taping of this podcast, Sarah left a two-year stay in Japan as a Rotary Peace Scholar, a much-acclaimed honor. Supt. Brian Davis caught up with Sarah to find out what makes her tick for Power H Talk Podcast #18. BTW: Keep up with Sarah's stay in Japan by visiting her blog: The wanderings of a thirty-something mid-westerner.
Inserted Image #17 - Listen to "Power H Talk # 17" with Superintendent Brian Davis (June 26, 2015 - right click to download the file.) The HPS Board of Education - like many school districts in Michigan – is dealing with difficult budgetary challenges. HPS will once again have to tap into its reserve fund to balance its 2015-2016 financial accounts. Through it all, the HPS Board and Supt. Brian Davis have set forth visionary, strategic investments that will offer more opportunities districtwide. In this podcast, we talk about programs for students in the 8th-12th grades; at Holland High School, Holland Early College (formerly Holland New Tech), and Holland Virtual Tech. Plus, Brian provides a preview of the exciting Two-Way Bilingual International School planned for next Fall, 2016, in the former Van Raalte School Building
Inserted Image #16 - Listen to "Power H Talk #16" with Superintendent Brian Davis (May 30, 2015 - right click to download the file.) Superintendent Brian Davis wraps up the school year toggling between the many HPS accomplishments— Honors Convocation, Early College expansion, Social Equity progress—and the challenges facing nearly all public schools in Michigan—deficit spending, legislative uncertainty and a myriad of changes. Through it all, Davis is motivated by his interaction with HPS students and the potential they exhibit daily.
Inserted Image #15 - Listen to "Power H Talk #15" with Superintendent Brian Davis (April 7, 2015 - right click to download the file.)Brian Davis covers a lot of ground in Power H Talk #15.  Michigan voters will decide the fate of Proposal 1 on May 5 and Supt. Davis outlines the proposal’s potential impacts for HPS and other school districts throughout the state. Also, the Superintendent explains the new state standardized testing regimen, which many HPS students will be participating in on certain days between April 13 - May 28. Other topics Brian addresses include the growing community interest in the "early college" program, the district's 2nd Annual Power H awards, and, of course, the famous Tulip Time Festival in May.
Inserted Image #14 - Listen to "Power H Talk #14" with Superintendent Brian Davis (February 10, 2015 - right click to download the file.)Congratulations to Supt Brian Davis for successfully completing his doctoral work on Feb. 6 at Western Michigan University. The subjects of Dr.Davis' eight-year endeavor were 18 HPS moms and the challenges they faced with their children and families as the district "right-sized" and re-structured for about a 10 year time span. Brian dedicates his thesis to the Holland Board of Education, for allowing him the time and effort to complete the project; to the HPS staff and their wonderful work in the classroom; and to the Class of 2014 for what they had to put up with. Brian explains all in the podcast. 
Inserted Image #13 - Listen to "Power H Talk #13" with Superintendent Brian Davis (February 2, 2015 - right click to download the file.)When Supt. Brian Davis was in high school back in Jerome, Michigan, his mom came home one day after a visit with his high school counselor. She didn't have good news. The counselor had said that it was unlikely Brian would succeed in college, and that it would be best for him to just find a job after graduating from high school. This assessment angered Brian and it fueled his determination to choose a much different path. Brian not only became the first member of his family to earn a college degree, but in February 2015, he will also earn his doctorate. It's been quite a journey for Brian so far. The reflections he shares in this podcast a number of life lessons for everyone. Certainly, Brian's story has shaped the way he leads Holland Public Schools. Check it out.
Inserted Image #12 - Listen to "Power H Talk #12" with Superintendent Brian Davis (January 14, 2015 - right click to download the file.)Monday, January 19, is the date of the national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In this episode, Supt. Brian Davis tells why Holland Public Schools will not open schools and why he hopes everyone will find a way to serve others on this day instead. He also describes the  district's "African American Voices in Our Community" video project. One of those voices, the Reverend Denise Kingdom Grier of Holland, recounts a conversation she had with her mother when she was 12 years old. When Denise told her mother that she saw a photo of West Palm Beach and wanted to go there someday, her mother puzzled her by responding, "Oh, you can't. Jim Crow won't let you." This early incident crystalized Denise's personal commitment to justice and equity and she leaps forward in time to share what the MLK holiday means to her today. 
Inserted Image #11 - Listen to "Power H Talk #11" with Superintendent Brian Davis (December 10, 2014 - right click to download the file.) Supt. Brian Davis covers several of the "bright lights" in the school district of this holiday season. The accomplishments of the students and graduates he mentions include a record-setting scholar athlete, a newly announced Rhodes Scholar, four state math competition finalists, and Holland HIgh's Premier Quiz Bowl "Nerds." He didn't forget to point out that the Holland US FIRST Robotics Team will be defending its international championship in 2015, too!  Supt. Davis takes on some of the more difficult issues confronting the district heading into the new year, particularly how teacher evaluations and student assessments may be affected by the Michigan Legislature's current "lame duck" session.
Inserted Image #10 - Listen to "Power H Talk #10" with Superintendent Brian Davis (November 11, 2014 - right click to download the file.) It's Supt. Brian Davis recalls the silent awe and respect exhibited by students and staff during a heartfelt presentation by former Prisoner of War Robert Fletcher at the 77th Veterans Day Observance at Holland High School. Later that night (Nov. 11), Brian and his staff hosted a county-wide meeting of school boards on the subjects of Common Core initiative and a post-election update.  You'll enjoy Brian's recap. On Monday, Nov. 17, the HPS School Board meets for the first time in their new board room in Wing A on the high school campus. Brian describes how the meeting will be recorded to share with the community.  
Inserted Image #9 - Listen to "Power H Talk #9" with Superintendent Brian Davis (October 20, 2014 - right click to download the file.) It's hard to believe nearly five years has passed since Holland voters approved the Build 21 school construction and technology bond. Supt. Brian Davis details the final segment of this extensive project which involves the upcoming move of HPS district offices from the former Washington School building to a dedicated wing on the Holland High campus. With the Build 21 effort wrapping up, Brian talks about the development of a new Strategic Plan. The specifics will be released later this school year, but its focus is on student achievement and ensuring that every HPS student has the opportunity to become "World Ready." 
Inserted Image #8 - Listen to "Power H Talk #8" with Superintendent Brian Davis (October 2, 2014 - right click to download the file.) Supt. Brian Davis discusses the dynamic of a large Hispanic population in the school district and what HPS does to provide the best education for all students. He mentions the cool profiles of successful HPS graduates posted online at www.hollandpublicschools.org. Check them out!
Inserted Image #7 - Listen to "Power H Talk #7" with Superintendent Brian Davis (September 12, 2014 - right click to download the file.) As we move forward into the 2014-2015 school year, Superintendent Brian Davis takes us on a tour of the district, providing news from the classrooms at each of our eight great schools. Brian reminds parents: Communicate early and often with your child's teachers rather than wait until conference time. 
Inserted Image #6 - Listen to "Power H Talk #6" with Superintendent Brian Davis (August 28, 2014 - right click to download the file.) With the new school year underway, Superintendent Brian Davis recalls the high-energy start for HPS staff at their August 25 back-to-school session, including the important discussion surrounding HPS' Social Equity project.  As school begins, the HPS' successful Build 21 program is nearing completion.
Inserted Image #5 - Listen to "Power H Talk #5" with Superintendent Brian Davis (August 18, 2014 - right click to download the file.) Superintendent Brian Davis turns the tables and asks Power H Podcast moderator Jim Camenga the question: How have school communications changed over the past 30 years? The answer is a win-win for parents and community. 
Inserted Image #4 - Listen to "Power H Talk #4" with Superintendent Brian Davis(July 29, 2014 - right click to download the file.) To be  "World Ready in a 21st Century Learning Environment" Holland Public Schools is addressing changes in curriculum, instruction, and testing.  And, what are the  "4 C's" that business and industry look for in a Holland graduate? Listen to the Power H Podcast with Superintendent Brian Davis. 
Inserted Image #3 - Listen to "Power H Talk #3" with Superintendent Brian Davis (July 17, 2014 - right click to download the file.) Holland Public Schools has undertaken an equity audit with Michigan State University.  Superintendent Brian Davis explains this huge initiative that measures HPS attitudes and practices in dealing with students and parents. Brian also shares the latest My Town Adventures planned for July 24 and August 13
Inserted Image #2 - Listen to "Power H Talk #2" with Superintendent Brian Davis (June 25, 2014 - right click to download the file.) A discussion about the HPS Robotics Team who were honored at the State Capital this week, the outstanding community support that provides the spark for robotics, and the Holland New Tech Early College Opportunity.
Inserted Image #1 - Listen to "Power H Talk #1" with Superintendent Brian Davis (June 12, 2014 - right click to download the file). A 20-minute discussion about our wonderful "Class of 2014," a recap of our school year, and the challenges and opportunities that are ahead for our district.