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HPS & PeachJar E-Flyer Guidelines

A. General Rules

B. A New Process 2016-2017 for E-Flyers

C. How to get your "outside story" E-Flyer considered

D. Step One Starts with submitting you E-Flyer to PeachJar

E. The process for printed flyers is the same as for E-Flyers

Questions? Email Beth Kooiker, Administrative Assistant at bkooiker@hollandpublicschools.org or call at 494-2005

What to know BEFORE designing a flyer and requesting to have it distributed to our students and families

•  Our guidelines are in keeping with HPS Board policy

•  HPS is committed to communicating in English & Spanish

•  HPS is committed to serving more families via electronic means, primarily school website and personal mobile devices

•  HPS is committed to reducing the number of printed flyers

•  Administrative Assistant Beth Kooiker is the district staff member responsible for approving / denying flyer distribution in accordance with these guidelines


There is a new process to follow

•  We have joined approximately 6000 school districts nationwide who use PeachJar.com to efficiently manage and distribute school related “eFlyers.”  PeachJar.com is easy to use and provides high quality tech communications for school districts and its directly related schools, activities, teams, and clubs at no charge.

•  Using PeachJar.com will automatically send an APPROVED flyer electronically to all or specific school households.  It will send an email to school households, auto-post to the main website, auto-post to all specific schools, and auto-post to the HPS electronic flyer archive.

•  PeachJar.com only collects a fee from non-school groups and organizations that are charging a fee for whatever the flyer is  promoting. (And typically it is much less than the total cost of printing up paper flyers, counting them out, and running them around to the various schools.)

•  ALL flyer requests BEGIN with sending it into PeachJar.com. If all of our criteria is met, the flyer will move on to Beth for a final decision. (The steps to reach PeachJar.com are at the end.

The HPS criteria to follow in preparing your flyer to submit to PeachJar.com  

•  All flyers must be in both English and Spanish (front and back is fine, if everything cannot fit on the front)

•  All flyers must be from non-profit, non-commercial organizations 

•  HPS schools and clubs referencing a community or business partner in a small way is okay, as long as it is the HPS school and students who are the beneficiaries of the event or activity

•  The activity or event contained in the flyer must be educationally sound or offer appropriate benefit to students and families

•  Flyers cannot express a religious or political viewpoint

•  Flyers supporting a good cause in which students are asked to “get involved” (ex. Arbor Day poster contest or the Fire Dept’s 5K fun run) must have the prior agreement from the specific school principal

•   Fee-based services and products offered by private vendors and individuals will not be given approval

•   HPS reserves the right to extend selected inter-agency courtesy to specific community partners (KidsHope, Boys & Girls Club,  etc.) to exempt them from PeachJar.com fees

•   Fee-based camps and classes for students will be considered by Beth Kooiker in the Superintendent’s Office on a case-by-case basis.

•   Approval of a flyer does not constitute an endorsement by the school district. It just means that the criteria has been met. The Superintendent reserves the right to permanently deny flyers of groups and organizations that do not follow HPS flyer request guidelines

Getting your flyer into PeachJar.com  (your first step!)

  1. PeachJar.com manages eflyer distribution on behalf of HPS using the latest electronic communication technology. Once your flyer is posted to a school's Peachjar site, parents can view your flyer through the PeachJar logo on the district or school website. Additionally, your flyer will be delivered to all parents' emails as an embedded image, not a link. This means parents will immediately see your flyer and be able to click through to your own website’s link for even more information.
  2. TO POST A FLYER FOR CONSIDERATION by Beth Kooiker, you need to register at www. PeachJar.com and select your desired school(s). Your flyer is then automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flyer will be delivered to all parents and posted online.  Register your organization and get started at:  www.PeachJar.comYou need to submit your eFlyer as a pdf.
  3. HPS will not pester our parents with a flood of emails. One day each week has been set aside for electronic distribution of all school related eFlyers.  Your intended flyer must be submitted for to PeachJar.com before 5 pm on Monday to be considered by Beth Kooiker for inclusion in the Thursday night school flyer email to parents.

ALSO - All approved flyers will be posted every Thursday evening to the district and specific school websites under the PeachJar.com logo. 

The rules for requesting to have your PRINTED flyers distributed in HPS schools are as follows:

  1. The same criteria and process outlined for eFlyers in the sectons above still must be followed.
  2. Every requested flyer (your pdf.) still begins submitted to PeachJar.com FIRST.
  3. Upon the approval of your flyer by Beth Kooiker, the administrative assistant to the superintendent, you will receive an email with all of the detail concerning quantities needed and the steps to follow.