Assessment Information

PSAT 8/9 and M-STEP Information 


8th grade:

  • April 9th PSAT (8th grade), 6/7th field trips
  • April 10th PSAT day 2 for students with extended time, M-STEP Science (8th)
  • April 11th PSAT Make-ups, M-STEP Social Studies (8th grade)
  • TBD- Make up dates for Social Studies and Science

6th/7th grades:

  • May 1: 6th/7th ELA 
  • May 2: 6th/7th Math 
  • TBD Make-up dates

How to Prepare Students:

  • Good night sleep the night before
  • A good breakfast either at home or at school
  • Avoid all appointments on test days:  If they miss school or arrive late, they will have to test on a make-up day, missing that day’s instruction- We start testing at 8 am

Testing Day:

  • Cell Phones: Cell phones need to be left at home on testing days.  It is PSAT policy that if any electronic device makes a noise during testing, then that student must be removed from the testing room and their scores cancelled. This situation is considered an PSAT irregularity and as a testing center, we must follow their rules. A school consequence will also be inforced. 
  • Food: Students can bring snacks for their break times.  They will not be allowed to drink or eat during the test. 
  • Watches: Programmable watches or smart watches are not allowed. Like cell phones, if a watch makes a noise, then the student will be removed from the testing room and his/her score cancelled.
  • Calculators: Students will be provided a calculator on testing day for PSAT.  If you want to bring your own, please follow this list: Please use this site to check your calculator.
  • Chromebooks Please plug in Chromebooks over break. Students will need a fully charged device on Wednesday, April 10th, May 1st, and May 2nd for M-STEP testing.
  • Breakfast: Please try to make sure your student eats a substantial breakfast on test days. It is important to properly fuel the body and mind.
  • Early Dismissals and Absences:  We start testing promptly at 8 am.  Late arrivals or early dismissals will mean needing to test another day.  Please avoid this

PSAT Need to Know:

  • PSAT Information for Parents and Students
  • Test for Reading/ Writing/ Math for 8th grade students
  • Multiple Choice for the whole test
  • Students are only marked wrong if they answer it wrong.  If they leave it blank, it does not count against them
  • The tests are timed
  • Students with accommodations who get extended time may have their test over 2 days, depending on the accommodations

PSAT is a practice test for the SAT.  They will take SAT 11th grade. 

MSTEP Need to Know:

  • Online test
  • Untimed test
  • 8th grade does social studies and science
  • 6/7th do math and ELA

All test, except the science test, adjust to your student’s abilities to get their score.  Meaning, if the student answers incorrect, they then would get an easier question for the next one.  Same would be in the reverse for if they answer correct.