The Big Read Lakeshore 2018

“The night sky was brighter than it had been. On the clearest nights the stars were a cloud of light across the breadth of the sky, extravagant in their multitudes… the night sky was a wash of light in Galileo's age, and it was a wash of light now. The era of light pollution had come to an end. The increasing brilliance meant the grid was failing, darkness pooling over the earth. I was here for the end of technology. The thought sent shivers up Clark’s spine” (Mandel 251).

Through the artistic guidance of Lisa Rilley, Beth Mawdsley Sherwood’s Honors English 9 students were given opportunity for literary response through creative expression. Each student painted, in three layers, the radiance of the night sky, as described in Station Eleven - beginning with the blending and patting of a blue, purple, black foundation; following with a purposeful sprinkling of white, glowing, and shooting stars; and finalizing with intentionality in highlighting a self-selected, resonating novel quote. All individualized canvases are now pieced together to create a beautiful unity, extending perspective, and sweeping vision of the night sky!