K7 Handbook

The K-7 Handbook can be viewed online by clicking the links below, or a hard copy can be obtained by contacting any school office.

Absence Due to Sickness
In the early morning hours before school starts it is often difficult to determine whether or not to send your child to school. Most illnesses that children have are contagious, meaning other children can catch them. For that specific reason, we have guidelines for school attendance so that children do not endanger the health of other children.  For example, if your child has the following symptoms please keep him or her home.


  • We consider a fever to be a temperature of 100 degrees or greater.

  • Your child’s temperature should be normal.
  • Please wait 24 hours before sending him/her back to school.

Bad Cough

  • We define a bad cough as one which is persistent and interferes with schoolwork.
  • Children with bad coughs often do not remember to cover their mouths and this allows germs to quickly spread.

Diarrhea, Vomiting or Severe Stomachaches

  • These symptoms should be gone for 24 hours before sending your child back to school.

Excused & Unexcused Absences

  • An absence will be excused when a parent calls or sends a note excusing the child. An unexcused absence will result when a parent or guardian does not phone (or present a note) excusing the student from school.
  • It is the responsibility of the student following an excused absence to meet with each teacher regarding his/her make up work.

Please call the school office by 8:30 am if your child is going to be absent or tardy to school.


The following assessments are used in addition to classroom and district grade level assessments. Assessments may change to meet curriculum needs.

Discovery Assessment

  • This is a comprehensive and balanced assessment tool used throughout Holland Public Schools. Students in grades K-7 are assessed three times each year in English Language Arts and Math. This assessment allows parents, students, and teachers to look at academic growth over time relative to the state standards.


  • M-STEP is the new state assessment given in the spring. It stands for Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress and includes summative assessments designed to measure student growth for today’s students. Students in grades 3-8 take the test in English Language Arts and Math, science in grades 4 and 7, and social studies in grades 5 and 8.


  • The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills are a set of standardized, individually administered measures of early literacy development. They are designed to be short fluency measures used to regularly monitor the development of pre-reading and early reading skills. These tests are administered three times a year to K-5th grade students. Some students will receive more assessments in order to determine if the interventions are meeting the individual needs of students.

Running Records

  • A running record is one method of assessing a child’s reading level by examining both accuracy and the types of errors made while the child is reading one-on-one. Running records are used throughout the year in K-5 to plan instruction for individual children and small groups.


  • DeltaMath is an assessment that is used up to three times per year in grades 1-7 to aid in determining a student’s mastery of standards (specific skills).

Scholastic Reading Inventory

  • This is a reading assessment used in grades 3-7 to help determine a student’s reading level and growth over time. It allows teachers to properly place students in groups and receive the instruction that is the most appropriate.

Bicycles, Skateboards, and Rollerblades

  • Bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades should not be ridden on school property.
  • Skateboards and rollerblades must be carried into the building and stored in student lockers.
  • Bicycles must be parked in the racks that are provided and must be locked at all times.
  • The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Books and Supplies
Holland Public Schools provides textbooks and electronic devices to students to be used throughout the school year. Textbooks are on loan to the students free of charge. There is an annual service fee for electronic devices (District owned iPads, Chromebooks, etc.) If a student has been given a textbook or electronic device, he/she is expected to return the textbook and district provided device at the end of the year in good condition. The student is also expected to take good care of all district provided books and devices. There may be a replacement fee for all damaged and district-owned items, whether the student accessed them in the classroom, media center, or similar school setting.

Closing of Schools / Emergencies
In case of severe weather and/or building emergencies (loss of heat, water, etc.) buildings may be closed for classes. The closing of schools is determined by the Superintendent.

In general, whenever bad weather is a possibility, and a school closing decision must be made, road conditions in our area and weather reports are evaluated in the early morning hours.  

If we must "shut down" for the day, the decision will be made by 6:15 a.m. Then our automated phone line is updated and radio and TV stations are contacted, we run a banner across the homepage of our website, and text alerts are sent out. All of these updates happen between 6:15-6:30 a.m.

Please note that when inclement weather forces a last minute schedule change, you can find out if schools are open or closed by calling 494-2095. This is our automated school info line.  This is the first number updated within minutes of the superintendent or athletic director making the decision to change the school schedule.

When there is a school closure or emergency, we also run a popup message on the homepage of our website and alert the media;

If we need to close school in the morning, we try to post updates about afterschool activities and evening events by 1:30 p.m. 

  • Please listen to the local radio WHTC – 1450 AM and/or television stations for all school closings.
  • You may also call the Holland Public Schools Information Line – English 494-2095 or Spanish 494-2096.
  • Closing information is also available on the school website.
  • We ask that you not call the school. Telephone lines must be kept open.

Custodial Parents
If one parent has been awarded custody of a child and the non-custodial parent has custodial limitations, a copy of the custodial order (court) must be provided to the school office and principal. We will always follow and enforce the judge’s orders and we are grateful for your understanding.

Student safety is essential. A student will not be released to the care of another adult unless specific written permission signed by the parent (with a phone contact #) is provided to the school.  All requests by non-custodial parents for student report cards, etc, also need to be in writing.

Dress and Appearance
Academic achievement is our mission. Experience indicates there is a significant connection between proper dress and grooming and a focus on learning and respectful behavior. Therefore, we request that students not wear clothing (or lack of clothing,) that disrupts the educational environment of our school settings. We expect students to not wear clothing displaying inappropriate language or pictures.  Shirts/blouses must cover the mid-torso, and shorts must reach to mid-thigh. Shoes are required at all times. Students may not wear “pajama pants” or slippers to school. Head coverings are not to be worn inside school.

Additional rules for 6th & 7th graders can be found in the student planner or provided to parents upon request.

All final decisions concerning the appropriateness or alleged violations of our K-7 dress code rest with the school administration

Early Dismissal
No student will be allowed to leave school prior to dismissal time with a written request signed by the parent (or the parent coming into the school office to request the release).

No student will be released to a person other than the custodial parent(s) unless a written permission letter signed by the custodial parent(s) or guardian.

Family Trips
In order for an “excused absence” designation to be granted, ALL family trips that require students to be out of school on scheduled school days need to be approved by the school principal.  A written request must come into the principal two days before the planned trip. The request must be signed by the custodial parent(s) or guardian and should include phone # contact information. 

Field Trips
Educational field trips are planned during the school year to supplement classroom teaching.

A permission form signed by the parent or guardian is necessary before a student may participate.

Field trips are considered an important part of the school’s curriculum. As such, the same rules and expectations regarding teacher supervision and student behavior that apply within a classroom also apply to school field trips.

A student who repeatedly demonstrates unacceptable behavior in school may be denied access to a school field trip if the school administration determines the safety of the student, other students, or staff may be compromised if the student participates in the field trip.

Students may be requested to complete independent work at home, which serves as an extension and application of classroom experiences.

It is the responsibility of the student and parent to ensure that all homework is completed and returned back to school on the assigned day. 

5th -7th grade students are provided with a daily planner to record homework and assignments.

Injury and Illness
All injuries must be reported to a teacher, the school office, the playground or lunchroom supervisor, or the school nurse.

If the injury is minor, the student will be treated and may return to class.

If medical attention is required, the school nurse and administrators will make sure the district’s emergency procedures are followed.

A student who becomes ill during the school day should request permission to go to the school office and see the nurse.

The school nurse will determine whether or not the student should remain in school or go home. If the nurse is not available, the school office will decide.

No student will be released from school without written permission from the parent(s) or guardian.

Accident reports will be completed as needed and will be kept on file by the school nurse.

Learner Profile
Every school year, usually after Spring Break, HPS staff begins the process of determining the placement of students for the next school year. This process enhances the district’s planning. 

This process requires teachers and administrators to consider a range of academic, social and emotional factors in student rosters in order to ensure an optimal classroom setting for learning.  Other factors such as gender and ethnicity are also taken into consideration when determining future class lists. 

The Student Learner Profile form provides an opportunity for parents to provide their  own input about the educational needs of their child(ren). This form is available in the school office or online.

Lost and Found
It’s easy for children to misplace personal items. We encourage you to mark your child’s coats, jackets, gym shoes, hats, boots, lunch boxes and anything else that could become misplaced at school.

There is a lost and found “space” in every school where lost items that are not identified are stored. Check with the main office if you are searching for one of your child’s items.

The school cannot assume responsibility for items that are lost, misplaced, or left in the wrong place.  Unclaimed items are donated to local agencies every 60-90 days. 

Breakfast and Lunch Programs
The school provides children a place to safely eat breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is free and lunch (regular or a la carte items) have set prices. Menus, forms, and pricing information are available on the district website. You may also call 494-2245.

Envelopes are available to help students deposit money into their individual meal accounts,  Envelopes can be obtained in the school office and from K-7 classroom teachers. Accounts must be kept current for students to participate in the lunch program.

Proper nutrition is important to learning.

Students who do not participate in the school hot lunch program are expected to bring a cold lunch from home. Student lunch boxes and bags must be labeled with the student’s name. Drinks coming from home need to come to school in unbreakable containers. Students may purchase milk at school, too.

Questions?  Please call 494-2245.

Media Center (Book check-out)
Every student has the opportunity to visit the media center in school and check out books. Students need to return books on time to keep media center privileges. Parents will be sent a bill for any books lost or damaged by their child. 


  • If it is necessary for a student to take a prescription and/or nonprescription medication during the school day, the following guidelines must be followed:
  • Medication must be brought in the original container and supplied by the parent/guardian.
  • A signed permission form for each medication must be completed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) and a physician, allowing school personnel to administer.  This applies to both prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • All Medications will be stored, and dispensed in the Nurse’s Office OR in the
  • School office if the nurse is not on site
  • Bringing medications to school is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • Please provide all necessary written permission and medical forms. 

Sometimes it is necessary for students to bring money to school for activities, store purchases, fundraiser items, P.T.O., hot lunch, and so on.

All money sent with K-7 students must be placed in an envelope and clearly marked with the parent’s name, child’s name, classroom number, teacher’s name, and the purpose.

Children coming to school with an unusual amount of cash will be questioned and their parents will be notified.

Newsletters and school communications
Newsletters will be sent home with your child on a regular basis. K-7 students typically bring home newsletters in their Thursday folders. These newsletters contain important information about our school, as well as upcoming events and dates to remember.

Additionally, at school open house and parent-teacher conferences parent will be given the opportunity to sign up for email lists and text notification services.  A number of communications are sent home electronically.

PTO – Parent Teacher Organization – Get involved.
We encourage all parents to become involved in the life of their child’s school. Support from home makes all the difference in the world.

Get involved by volunteering to help with field trips, special events, after school activities, fundraising, and connecting school parents with each other.

We welcome the support and participation of parents and teachers.  Please contact the school principal for more information.

Personal Items
With teacher permission, children may bring to school items that might be of interest to other children and are connected to an area of classroom study.

If you send personal items to school with your child, we ask that you please have your child’s name on them.

We encourage you not to send items that are valuable or easily broken. Students are solely responsible for their personal property.

Pets in the Classroom
Students should not bring pets or animals into the classroom without prior approval of the teacher and school principal.  The school administration will ensure that all visits involving pets are properly approved and in compliance with the district’s pet policy.

Physical Activities
Physical activities, both formal (gym/swimming classes) and informal (recess) are part of the school program. Children are expected to participate in these physical activities unless they are ill or injured.  A note from the doctor is required if your child is to be excused from physical education/swimming because of medical reasons. The school principal also gives his/her approval.

Parents are requested to provide a pair of gym shoes that are kept at school for physical education classes.

Pictures for Yearbook
Arrangements are made with a school photographer to photograph every member of our school family. While the opportunity to purchase a package of individual pictures exists, there is no obligation for the students to do so. A student who only wishes to have a picture taken solely for the yearbook will not be charged at all for the service. All students who have their pictures taken will be included in the school yearbook unless a written request asking that the student not be included is on file in the Principal’s office.

All children are expected to go outside for recess. 

Children need the daily physical activity and play opportunities that playground time provides. They should wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activity according to the daily and seasonal weather. 

Students will go outside unless it is raining, the temperature falls below 10 degrees or the wind chill falls below -10 degrees.

A reasonable request for the child to stay in for one day at a time will be honored, however. Each request must be accompanied by a new note for the specific day stating the specific reason for the request. If additional time is needed, please contact the principal with a doctor’s explanation of the circumstances. All requests must be approved by the school principal.

At the beginning of school, each teacher will acquaint the students with the playground rules.  The rules will also be posted in the classroom and on the school website. Staff members rotate playground supervision. They will report any serious problem(s) to the immediate classroom teacher and/or building principal. Acceptable student behavior is required.

Parent –Teacher Conferences / Report Cards
Parents and teachers are encouraged to communicate with each other throughout the school year.  Addressing questions, learning needs, and concerns as they occur is important. Good home and school communication enhances student achievement and cooperation.

Every HPS school has two time frames set aside every year for Parent Teacher Conferences.  (Fall and Spring)

The purpose of these conferences is to exchange information, ideas, and concerns (if any) about the academic and personal growth of the respective students.

We consider it essential for parents to attend P/T conferences.

Please work with your child’s teacher to schedule a conference time that meets your needs so you can attend. You will be notified ahead of time (both fall and spring) on how to do this.

In addition, report cards will mark your child’s academic progress and these report cards will be sent home at regular intervals throughout the school year.

Student Schedules & Class Assignments
Teachers and support staff in consultation with the school principal will assign every K-7 student to an appropriate classroom and program.  The principal is the one who gives the final approval.

Any questions or concerns about a schedule or assignment must be brought to the school principal.

The schedules of 6th and 7th-grade students are created at the beginning of the school year, based on actual enrollment.

Schedules are based on the student’s needs and the available class space.

Any changes in a student’s schedule need to be approved by the principal or his/her designated assistant.

Students may be denied course enrollment due to a lack of available space or the “need to pass” prerequisites. Students are expected to follow their schedules.

Any variation must be approved via the approved pass or schedule change process.

School Visits / Volunteers / Parent & Mentor Help / Video Use
We value everyone’s support and involvement.

There is a school day safety procedure in place at every HPS school which requires parents and guests to wait in the main school office for their student – and not walk down the hall to the classroom.

This saves instructional time and improves building security considerably.

We also require a completed "volunteer form" from every classroom visitor and guest during the school day.

If you'd like to volunteer, help out in your child's class, or help with a field trip, you'll need to fill out a volunteer form. The form is available in every school office and on our district website. New volunteer forms need to be completed by EVERYONE every school year.

To further complement our security efforts, the district also uses security cameras to videotape activity where there is no expectation of privacy (hallways, lobbies, parking lots, cafeterias, etc.). The security cameras are not monitored by school officials all of the time, but the video recordings may be identified and used later as deemed appropriate.

Telephone Use
Use of the telephone by children is limited. If you must contact your child because of an emergency, please call the school office. Every effort will be made to get the message to your child. Please make your after-school plans with your child before he/she leaves for school in the morning. It is very difficult to make last minute changes. (For example, calling the school office at 2:50 pm to ask that your student not get on the bus, etc.)

Transportation –––– Transportation Office 494-2950
After school, students must ride their assigned bus, walk, or ride with a parent or guardian (or appropriate designee). Safety is improved when the same routine is followed every school day.

Many parents drive their children to school or are in car pools with other parents. Please remind your child about safety when entering or leaving cars, crossing streets, and to cross at the crosswalk to get to your car.  Cars may not be parked in designated bus loading and unloading zones. Students should be dropped off and picked up in designated areas.

Assigned Bussing Rule
If a student is assigned to ride a specific bus after school (and typically does so), school officials will plan on the student riding the assigned bus after school every day unless a written note signed by the parent or guardian is brought to the school office by 1 p.m.  This signed note must be dated and state who is responsible for delivering the student home. The note cannot request that the student transfer to a different bus (for example, to ride home with a friend). Students can only ride their assigned buses. Parents/guardians and designees are responsible for providing transportation for their students when special occasions arise.

Bus Conduct Rules
Our school buses are extensions of the classroom and all rules and regulations established in the Student Code of Conduct (Board of Education Policy – 5500) apply when riding our buses.

We expect that students will follow these important safety rules to ensure their safety:

  1. Obey the bus driver and other adults on the bus.
  2. Remain seated.
  3. Use quiet voices.
  4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  5. Keep the bus clean.

Bus Stop Rules
The following rules apply to the bus stop:

  1. Students must be at the bus stop 5 – 7 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus.
  2. Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students must be met by a responsible adult or family member. The Holland Public Schools Transportation Office needs to know the responsible person designated by the parent. A form needs to be filled out. This is available on the HPS website and at the Transportation Office.
  3. Students should wait at the bus stop at the assigned area as designated by the bus driver and should wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before approaching it.
  4. Parents are responsible for student safety and behavior to and from the bus stop and at the bus stop until the school bus arrives.
  5. Students are to conduct themselves with courtesy and consideration for others while waiting for the bus.

Bus Disciplinary Procedures
We are dedicated to providing a positive, caring environment.

We accept the responsibility for exercising fair discipline to help ensure a safe ride for all. Students who misbehave on the bus may lose the privilege of riding on the bus.

Holland Public Schools does not discriminate in the application of disciplinary procedures on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap.  For a complete explanation of our disciplinary process or if you have transportation questions/concerns, please call Transportation at 494-2950.