Professional Development Guidelines


The Board will set aside a sum of $10,000 (per HEA contract) each year for professional development for teachers whose assignments or specialty areas are not likely to be provided professional development from any other source, such as grants or mandates, related to school improvement goals.

Application and approval process

  1. Fill out all areas of the application above the "Approvals" line.
  • All professional development must align with your school and/or the district improvement plans and be listed on your application.
  • Attach all supporting documentation available for pricing, descriptions, registration links, etc. to the application.
  1. Submit the application for your principal for review.
  • Your building principal should confirm that the correct goal/strategy are noted.
  1. Send the completed application to the Office of School Improvement, Attn: Erin Watson.
  • The application will have a cursory review for completeness.
    • Any incomplete applications will be rejected and returned to the requestor.
  1. Erin Watson will then route your application, if complete, to Linda Schaap to see if substitute teachers are available for the requested days.
  2. If substitutes are available for the requested days, then your application will be reviewed fully by the DCIT (District Continuous Improvement Team) or Student Services.
  3. If the above is complete, then your application will be routed to the business office to check for availability of funds.
  4. A final approval or denial will be sent to you via email at this time by Erin Watson.
  • You will receive directions on how you will be registered and how to provide documentation for any reimbursements.

Please keep a copy of your application and all attached documentation. All applications will be considered, if complete, and meet the above guidelines.

Please contact Erin Watson at extension 2042, if you have any questions.

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