Welcome to the website of the Student Services Department of Holland Public Schools.

Vision Statement
To provide an Inclusive education environment to best prepare ALL students for success in their lives.

Mission Statement
Holland Public Schools believes in an uncompromising commitment to student achievement and an unending quest to maximize student success.  In partnership with our parents and community, we provide opportunities and high-quality education to ALL students, which will allow them to reach their full potential and prepare them for the future.

Our website has three purposes. First, to provide interested individuals with a detailed description of the programs and services offered to the students of Holland Public Schools, including a complete program directory. Secondly, we hope to provide specific information about some of the unique and innovative features of our programs and services. Lastly, we want to make available some of the written materials we’ve produced to document our programs including various guidelines, manuals, etc

Holland Programs and Services
Holland Public Schools operates both “District” and “Center” programs and services. These are defined as follows: District: Those programs and services that serve primarily Holland Public Schools resident students. Students from other districts may attend on a tuition basis only. These programs and services are funded on an “added cost” basis. The additional costs (after subtracting membership from total costs) are reimbursed on a percentage basis through Act 18 (I.S.D.) and Section 52 (state) funds. Center: Those programs and services operated by Holland Public Schools to serve students from throughout the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District. These include programs and services for the Hearing Impaired (H.I.) for age three through grade twelve, and Severely Multiply Impaired (S.X.I.) for grades kindergarten through fifth. For 6th - 12th grade, the SXI program is located in Grand Haven.

Center Based Programs
Hearing Impaired (HI) Severely Multiply Impaired (SXI) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)