November 21, 2016


The School District of the City of Holland
Ottawa County, Michigan
November 21, 2016

The regular business meeting of the Holland Board of Education was called to order by President Grose, at 7:00 p.m., in the Board Training Room of the District Administration Office, 320 W. 24th Street.


     Board:             Trustees DeJong, DeYoung, Grose, Pasatta, and Whiteman

     Excused:      Trustees Gisinger and Rivera

     Administration:    Superintendent Davis; Directors, Headley-Nordman, Page, Roach, Zimmer,  Zuker, and Administrative Assistant Kooiker (recorder)




1.   Regular Business Meeting of November 21, 2016

2.   Consent Agenda for November 21, 2016


1.  October 17, 2016, Regular Business Meeting

Moved by Ms. DeYoung, supported by Mrs. DeJong, that the Board of Education approve the Consent Agenda forNovember 21, 2016.  The motion was unanimously approved.


        Alfredo DelaRosa shared information on the Holland High School Student Senate organization.

Launching Be Nice Initiative
DUTCH Matrix
Fundraising for Barnabas House
Promoting Positive Atmosphere at HHS


A. CURRENT LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVES – Superintendent Davis shared information on recent  legislative action.

     There has been some new legislation introduced that may or may not impact new teacher retirement. This legislation would not impact current employees in the MPSERS retirement system. This legislation would consider moving all new employees into a proposed 401(k) plan vs. the current hybrid plan that new employees follow. Proponents of this bill believe that additional changes are needed in the system due to the continued unfunded liability of the system. Opponents argue that the amount to switch to this new system could cost over $240M with uncertain numbers known at this time. This is a critical legislative consideration and should not be considered during lame duck with more time to project what the unintended/unanticipated costs would be.


        A.  MASB CONFERENCE REPORT – Trustee DeYoung provided a summary report of her attendance at the MASB Annual Leadership Conference. 


           A.  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Chairperson Grose reported on the November 1, 2016, meeting of the Executive Committee.

Holland High School Student Senate Organization:  Alfredo DelaRosa shared updates with the committee.  He covered topics related to the fundraising and community support efforts of the Student Senate.  The Senate has continued to increase their role as a community benefactor and service agent, including assistance to Barnabas House and Community Action House.  They have also been working on reinventing and remarketing of Holland “D-U-T-C-H” acronym to replace the PRIDE acronym pertaining to positive school behaviors. (2)

HPS Equity Alliance as Citizen’s Advisory Committee: Andrea Mehall, Director of Holland Early College presented a request for the formation of a Citizen’s Advisory Committee under board policy 9140. (4)

Members of the Holland Public Schools administration and staff are seeking to form an Equity Alliance, an intergenerational equity team made up of staff, students, parents, and community members, who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become equity-literate, and responsible for research, planning, and facilitation of events and programming, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the HPS community, and the Holland community at large. This Equity Alliance is seeking to become recognized as a Citizen’s Advisory Committee under Board Policy 9140. This would provide the opportunity for a formalized process for study and recommendations in alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan.

Equity literacy refers to the cultivation of the skills and awareness that enable us to recognize, respond to, and redress conditions that deny some students access to educational and other opportunities enjoyed by their peers. This philosophy is based on the reality that equitable educators must be proficient, not just with culture, but with the skills necessary for creating an equitable learning environment for all students and families. The HPS Equity Alliance will research the needs of the community, analyze the equity work that is already in place, and partner with consultants who are leaders in the field of equity and social justice to develop and execute our next levels of learning. (see attached)

This Advisory Committee would meet throughout the 2016-2017 school year. The Advisory Committee would present a final report to the board on June 19, 2017. The attached list of recommended participants have been active in learning and recently participated a four-day JIILT institute in preparation for such an endeavor. 

New Board Member Orientation: Vice President DeJong presented a recommendation for the process of new board member orientation. On-boarding material samples were shared and discussed. (7)

Priority Health: The District has been working with Gallagher Benefit Services to seek alternative health care coverage for employees given the escalating costs with current providers. Director Zuker provided a status update on the forthcoming health coverage switch for non-HEA employees from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Priority Health.  This would affect HESPA, HMMAA, District Administration staff, and other non-HEA employees. This update described the costs to the district and the employee and associated savings.

Out of State/Overnight Field Trip Requests:  Director Zuker brought forward the following field trip requests:

Moved by Mr. Grose, supported by Mrs. DeJong, that the Board of Education approve the field trip request by Eric Rozema for JV/Varsity Baseball spring training in Treasure Island, Florida March 30-April 8, 2017 as presented.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Moved by Mr. Grose, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that the Board of Education approve the field trip request by Kevin Schneider for the Theatre and Speech class travel to New York City, NY on June 7 – 12, 2017 as presented.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Bylaws and Policies for Second Reading and Adoption: Director Zuker recommended the following bylaw and policies for second reading and adoption:

Moved by Mr. Grose, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that the Board adopt the following new and revised bylaw and policies. The motion was unanimously approved. 

Bylaw 0144.3 Conflict of Interest (Revised)
Policy 1130 / 3110 / 4110 Conflict of Interest (Revised)
Policy 1240 Evaluation of the Superintendent (Revised)
Policy 1420 School Administrator Evaluation (Revised)
Policy 2623 Student Assessment (Revised)
Policy 3131 Staff Reductions (Revised)
Policy 3220 Professional Staff Evaluation (Revised)
Policy 6110 Grant Funds (Uniform Grand Guidance) (Revised)
Policy 6111 Internal Control (Revised)
Policy 6112 Cash Management of Grants (New)
Policy 6114 Cost Principals – Spending Federal Funds (New)
Policy 6116 Time & Effort Reporting (New)
Policy 6146 Post-Issuance Compliance for Tax-Exempt and Tax-Advantaged Obligations (Revised)
Policy 6325 Procurement – Federal Grand / Funds (New)
Policy 6424 Purchasing Cards (New) Replaces 6423
Policy 6550 Travel Payment & Reimbursement (New/Revised)
Policy 7217 Weapons (Revised)
Policy 7300 Disposition of Real Property (Revised)
Policy 7310 Disposition of Surplus Property (Revised)
Policy 7450 Property Inventory (Revised)
Policy 8142.01 Weapons (New)
Policy 8500 Food Services (Revised)

COTW Agenda Construction: Committee members planned the agenda for the November COTW meeting. The Board asked Andrea Mehall to attend and be prepared to discuss her request for the formation of the Citizens’ Advisory Council.

Board Meeting Agenda Construction: Committee members planned the agenda for the November Board Meeting.

Projects Under Current Study/Review:

Board Governance Goals/Action Steps
Organizational System Review
New Board Member Orientation
Culture and Climate Survey


President Grose introduced the idea of Board members getting involved in customer service initiatives through selecting 1 “customer” per month to connect with and discuss issues of import.

2016-2017 Board/Superintendent Goals:

To stabilize the enrollment of Holland Public Schools

Measurable Outcome: To reduce the projected enrollment loss for the 17-18 school year by 25%

To expand the geographic advertisement of open positions and branding of the school district to encourage a more diverse applicant pool in an effort to promote, identify and hire individuals reflective of the student body.

Measurable Outcome: The presentation of an employment posting and application process that represents the culture and community of Holland Public Schools by February 1, 2017.

Measurable Outcome: An annual employee retention report summary presented in September.

B. TEACHING FOR LEARNING COMMITTEE – Chairperson DeYoung reported on the November 1, 2016, meeting of the Teaching for Learning Committee.

Fall 2015/2016 Student Data Comparisons: Director Dobias presented comparative data for early literacy results including: DIBELS and Reading Inventory K-5, and STAR. (1)  

In looking at the DIBELS data (predictor of how students will perform on next level of reading), we see that for all grades and all buildings more students scored at benchmark in the fall of 2016 than fall of 2015. 
We see fewer students in the intensive range on DIBELS for most grade levels. 
DIBELS has a very high correlation to how students will do in the future. First graders who score at benchmark in the fall have a 90% chance of being benchmark in the spring and becoming a reader. We have 67% of our First graders at benchmark this fall from 62% last year. 
STAR data will allow us to analyze data by subgroups and especially for at risk students. We can now identify these students by district, building and class to determine if we have the supports in place to help them achieve during the year and on state assessments.

Areas to Focus on:

At risk 3rd graders. We need to know who these students are and how close they are to demonstrating proficiency on the spring M Step.
Continue to focus supports on SWD.
Use our benchmarking practices (with literacy chart) for grades 4-7. Use these benchmarks and data to determine how to support all students.

Reading Benchmarks:  Director Dobias provided an overview of a DRAFT 4-7 reading benchmark companion document to our early literacy TK-3 Reading Benchmarks. (1,4,7)  

Ready for School Data/Program Evaluation from Start School Ready: Director Dobias provided data summarizing the impact of the Start School Ready Summer School Program in partnership with Ready for School and school readiness. (1,4)  

Projects under current study/review:   

Student Assessment-Longitudinal Growth (1)
5D+ Professional Staff Evaluation (1,4,7)
Promoting Positive School Culture Climate (1):  Is there survey data coming?  When?
Special Education Program Continuum (1, 4, 7)
Accountability Scorecards coming soon (1)

2016-2017 Board/Superintendent Goals:

To improve the level of reading proficiency across the district for all students

Measurable Outcome: 70% of the students who take the Reading Inventory and STAR Assessment will meet their identified growth goals for the year.

C. FINANCE AND PROPERTY COMMITTEE – Chairperson DeJong reported on the November 1, 2016, meeting of the Finance and Property Committee.

Budget to Actual for October 2016: Director Zimmer reviewed the general fund revenue and expenditure report for October.  The district has received 27.0% of budgeted revenue compared to 26.1% for last year.  Expenses are at 21.5% of budget compared to 20.3% from the prior year.  The increase in comparative expenses is attributable to how MPSERS stabilization revenue and expenses are recorded and a higher than anticipated insurance renewal for one of the district’s health plans.   The color indicators show all revenue and expenditure categories green and the appropriation of the fund balance is noted as red.  The first general fund budget amendment for 16-17 will be presented at the December board meeting. (5)

Summer Tax Collection Resolution: Director Zimmer reviewed with committee members the summer tax resolution that will be brought to the full board for action on November 21, 2016.  The resolution continues the district’s practice of a summer tax levy for the total school property taxes for the City of Holland and one-half of the school property taxes for Holland, Park, and Laketown Townships. (5)

Moved by Mrs. DeJong, supported by Mrs. Whiteman, that the Board of Education approve the Summer Tax Collection Resolution as presented. 

Roll Call Vote:

Ayes: Trustees Whiteman, DeJong, Grose, Pasatta, and DeYoung

Nays:  None

The motion was unanimously approved. 

Enrollment Update: Directors Zuker and Zimmer reviewed the preliminary fall enrollment count with a comparison to the previous year and the 2016-17 enrollment projection.  Final count data will be submitted by November 16. (5)

Property Development Proposal (5):  Directors Roach and Zimmer shared the responses to the Real Estate Brokerage Services RFP with committee members.   Two proposals were received:  Keller Williams Realty – Rick Page and Greenridge Realty – Lucas Smith.  Committee members reviewed the responses, benchmarking to the RFP requirements and evaluating fees and commissions.  

Moved by Mrs. DeJong, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that the Board of Education authorize the Superintendent to enter an agreement with Rick Page from Keller Williams Realty for real estate brokerage services of the property located at 752 Lugers Rd. Holland, MI 49423 (Lakeview).

Roll Call Vote:

Ayes: Trustees Whiteman, DeJong, Grose, Pasatta, and DeYoung

Nays:  None

The motion was unanimously approved.

2016-17 Board Superintendent Goals:

To identify the district’s ongoing facility, maintenance and technology needs in relation to the funding sources allowable

Measurable Outcome: The production of a campaign strategy by February 1, 2017, that addresses request to the community for the consideration of a sinking fund renewal in 2017.

Committee members reviewed a proposed format to collect and report the district’s ongoing facility, maintenance and technology needs by funding source, project, building and focus.  Data for 15-16 and 16-17 year-to-date was populated.  Detail support for future years will be added using this format. 

To produce a financial planning model addressing the expenditures/revenues and operations of the district with respect to enrollment, financial planning, staffing and facility needs.

Measurable Outcome: The production of three-three year financial plans based upon a 5.5% fund balance, 6% fund balance and 6.5% fund balance deliverable by June, 2017.

Committee members participated in a webinar hosted by Forcast5 Analytics highlighting a budgeting and forecasting tool that would meet the reporting deliverables for the financial modeling board goal as well as support general budgeting needs.  Forecast5 allows line item level assumptions and forecasting interfacing with the existing chart of accounts.  

D.  COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE – President Grose provided an overview of the November 14, 2016,   

      Committee of the Whole meeting.

HPS Equity Alliance as Citizen’s Advisory Committee: Andrea Mehall, Director of Holland Early College presented a request for the formation of a Citizen’s Advisory Committee under board policy 9140. (See Executive Committee Meeting Minutes from 11/1/16 for detail) Board members appreciated the commitment and work of individuals across the district and community seeking to continue this focus in alignment with the District Strategic Plan.

The purpose of this Citizen’s Advisory Committee is to build upon the equity audit results and recommendations conducted in 2013-2014 to recognize, respond to and redress conditions that may present institutional or structural barriers denying all students and staff access to educational and other extra-curricular opportunities enjoyed by their peers and colleagues. The focus will be to research the needs of the district and community, analyze the equity work already in place, and partner with consultants who are leaders in the field of equity and social justice to develop recommendations to the Board. These recommendations will specifically address: opportunities for professional staff development; strategic cross-sector partnership development; parent engagement; culturally relevant instruction, leadership and communication; and follow up culture and climate surveys to assess progress to date. This advisory committee will be appointed and work through June 30, 2017, with a final report delivered to the Board of Education by its regular meeting of the Board in June, 2017. The findings of this report may also serve as a broader community outreach program for others to consider.

The recommendation of advisory committee members are as follows: Andrea Mehall, Jay Woods, Jason Siersma, Linnmarie Hein, Anita Lee-Bjerke, Zach Kapla, Bob Zwiers, Henry Cherry, Christin Conway, Tim Marroquin, Amanda Robbert, Roberto Jara, Esther Fifelski, Jazmin Martinez, Anahi Romero-Solano, Abraham Mata, Jennifer Fuentes-Rivas, Julia Ortiz, Johnnessa Wise, Alexus Ortiz, Allisa Murphy, Calvin Terrell, CJ Mehall, Lindsey Cherry, Ortencia Bos, and Janelle Coffey.

Moved by Mr. Grose, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that the Board of Education authorize the formation of an HPS Equity Alliance as a Citizen’s Advisory Committee through June 30, 2017 in accordance with Board Policy 9140-Citizen’s Advisory Committee with the purpose, outcomes and membership as defined above.  The motion was unanimously approved. 

Committee Reports

Executive Committee Report: Chairperson Grose provided updates to committee members with items discussed at the Executive Committee meeting on November 1, 2016.
Teaching for Learning Committee Report: Chairperson DeYoung provided updates to committee members with items discussed at the Teaching for Learning Committee meeting on November 1, 2016.
Finance & Property Committee Report:  Chairperson DeJong provided updates to committee members with items discussed at the Finance & Property Committee on November 1, 2016.
HEA / Board Communications Report: President Grose provided an update to committee members with items discussed at the HEA/Board Communications meeting on October 27, 2016.
Holland Educational Foundation Report: There was no report. Superintendent Davis was asked to contact HEF to assess the need and continuation of a Board appointed representative.

MASB Conference Report: Trustee DeYoung provided a summary report of her recent attendance at the MASB Annual Leadership Conference. 

New Business:

Board Member Orientation: Vice President DeJong reviewed a new board member orientation and mentorship plan.
2017 Organizational Meeting: Board members discussed an organizational meeting and committee structure format.

Moved by Mr. Gisinger, supported by Mrs. Whiteman, that the swearing in of new board members and organizational meeting for the 2017 calendar year be established the first week of January, 2017 retaining the current committee structure.  The motion was unanimously approved.



1.  79th Veterans Day Observance: Superintendent Davis recognized our past and current serving members of the military and thank Holland High School Administration and Staff for their 79th Veterans Day Observance held on November 11, 2016.

2. Superintendent Open Office Hours: Superintendent Davis announced open office hours scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

3.  Board Member Election: Superintendent Davis announced the board candidates who were elected to serve on the HPS Board of Education:

 Jack Gisinger- 2 year term

Jack will be sworn in, in December, 2016.

Elizabeth Colburn- 6 year term
Linda Falstad- 6 year term
Phil Meyer- 6 year term

Each of the 6 year terms will be sworn in at our regular meeting of the board on January 16, 2017.

We thank Steve Grose, Jason Pasatta and Maggi Rivera for their service to the board. We will be having a refreshment celebration at 6:30 p.m. on December 19, 2016 prior to the regular board of education meeting in their honor. Please stop by and thank them for their service to our students, families, staff and community.

4.  District Offices Closed: Superintendent Davis announced that District offices will be closed on November 24, 25 and December 23, 26, 30 and January 2 for holiday breaks.


       recommended the following personnel actions:

  1.  Hiring:

Terence Gillespie, Special Education Teacher, West K-7 School, effective October 27, 2016.
Aaron Goodyke, Vocal Music Teacher, District K-7, effective January 5, 2017.
Jeanne Page, Special Education Teacher, Holland High School, effective November 9, 2016.
Natalie Shaffer, Special Education Teacher, East K-7 School, effective November 7, 2016.

Moved by Mr. Pasatta, supported by Mrs. DeJong, that the Board of Education hire:  Terence Gillespie, Aaron Goodyke, Jeanne Page, and Natalie Shaffer in accordance with the Holland Education Association and that they be afforded a probationary contract.  The motion was unanimously approved.

2.  Resignations:

Jean Poppen, Elementary Music Teacher, District, effective November 7, 2016. 

Moved by Ms. DeYoung, supported by Mrs. DeJong, that the Board of Education approve, with regret, the resignation of Jean Poppen.  The motion was unanimously approved. 

IX.     PUBLIC COMMENTS:  There were no additional comments made by the public.

  X.    ADJOURNMENT:  President Grose adjourned the meeting at 7:38 p.m.