March 20, 2017


The School District of the City of Holland
Ottawa County, Michigan
March 20, 2017

The regular business meeting of the Holland Board of Education was called to order by President Gisinger, at 7:00 p.m., in the Board Training Room of the District Administration Office, 320 W. 24th Street.

I.         ROLL CALL

     Board: Trustees Colburn, DeYoung, Falstad, Gisinger, Meyer and Whiteman

     Excused: Trustee DeJong

     Administration: Superintendent Davis; Directors Dobias, Headley-Nordman, MacKay, Zimmer, Zuker, and Administrative Assistant Kooiker (recorder)




1.   Regular Business Meeting of March 20, 2017

2.   Consent Agenda for March 20, 2017


1.  February 20, 2017, Special Meeting

2.   February 20, 2017, Regular Business Meeting

Moved by Mr. Meyer, supported by Mrs. Whiteman, that the Board of Education approve the Consent Agenda for March 20, 2017.  The motion was unanimously approved.


        Raya vonPlagenhoef shared information on the Holland High School Student Senate organization.


 A. HHS MIFA State Champions-TWO state championships were achieved this year by the Holland High   School Theatre program.  The first was the Main Stage, which they have now won 19 times.  Their production of Triumph of Love was awarded 285 points, making it the Division I state champion but also the highest scored show of the main stage event (among all shows in all divisions). 

      The second state title was with their production of Agnes of God, which was Division I champion in the Studio Theatre State Competition.  This made Holland High School the only school to ever win both events in the same year! 

      Holland High Theatre also was given the illustrious Golden Truck Award.  This award goes to the Division I school that best exemplifies professionalism and efficiency in its backstage work, including load in, load out and backstage costume changes, technical set up and running of a show. 

      These two State Titles give Holland High Theatre an incredible 20 state titles in the last 28 years!

      Board members recognized our state championship team members.

B. PERFORMING ARTS - Our HHS Performing Arts Department has received many awards over the past several weeks. The Theatre Team captured their 19th & 20th State Title and the Golden Truck Award. The HHS Wind Ensemble and 8th grad Bands received superior (Division 1) ratings; and the HHS Concert band received an Excellent (Division 2) rating at MSBOA Festival.  The HHS Symphony and Chamber Orchestras earned straight Division 1 from all 4 judges in performance and sight reading.  The Chamber Orchestra earned A’s in every category. HHS Choirs received Division 1 ratings at MSVMA District Choir Festival.  Every teacher in the Performing Arts Department deserves recognition for the combined success.  Sarah Cox, Aaron Goodyke, Kay Mayer, Jilanne Misiewicz, John Reikow, Demetrius White, Kevin Schneider, Jamie Steinman, and Bethany VanOss.  Department Chair John Reikow introduced department members to the board.


A.    QUIZ BOWL-The Holland High School Quiz bowl team captured its 7th league title in the past 13 years in the Allegan County Quiz Bowl League. Coached by Carl Van Faasen, the team is comprised of Elijah Babinski, Isaac Cinzori, Nate Harder, and Rowen vonPlagenhoef. They will be participating in state competition on April 21-22 at M.S.U.

B.    HHS US FIRST Robotics-The Holland High School US FIRST Robotics team had a great first season competition in the IN FIRST Robotics event in Mishawaka, IN., advancing to the semi-finals. The team competes in regional action at Grand Valley State University March 24-25.


A. CURRENT LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVES – Superintendent Davis shared information on recent legislative action.

• Repeal of Michigan State Standards

• Michigan Merit Curriculum Flexibility

• House Education Reform Calendar

• Appreciation to House Representative Daniela Garcia and Jim Lilly for voting no on HB 4001-Amendment of the state individual income tax rate from 4.25%

The House Michigan Competitiveness Committee continued testimony on House Bill 4192 this week.

This bill would replace the current Michigan State Standards with the academic standards in effect in Massachusetts during the 2008-2009 school year. It would also allow for parents to opt their student(s) out of any public school activity, and ban any use of state resources for standards related to the Common Core.

State Superintendent Drops A-F Accountability Plan

While the state’s draft plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was out for public comment, State Superintendent Brian Whiston indicated that he is changing course on a controversial component of that plan to assign letter grades to Michigan’s schools. Whiston has publicly stated that he would be submitting a plan that includes a dashboard rather than a summative letter.

Dr. Nick Ceglarek , Superintendent of Hudsonville Public Schools, and Doug Greer, Director of School Improvement for Ottawa Area ISD, presented their plan for an accountability system and the success they’ve seen with the Reading Now Network.  Dr. Ceglarek and Mr. Greer spoke in support of a dashboard approach made up of primary and secondary indicators. While they didn’t rule out a conversation on multiple letter grades for individual indicators, they strongly opposed any summative grade.

House Education Reform Committee Votes on HB 4163; Hears Presentation on Accountability

The House Committee of Education Reform voted out House Bill 4163.  This bill would make school calendars and schedules prohibited subject of bargaining.  The legislation now goes to the full House of Representatives.


           A.  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Trustee DeYoung reported on the March 8, 2017, meeting of the Executive Committee.  

Holland High School Student Senate Organization: Alfredo DelaRosa shared updates with the committee.  This included an update on the Be Nice assembly for staff/students, the Senior Video Project, the SLIC Dodgeball fundraiser for Barnabas House and community presentations on the Be Nice initiative. (2)  

Legislative Updates: Superintendent Davis provided legislative updates to the committee and potential impact on the District.

District-Web Page ADA Compliance: Superintendent Davis updated the committee members on measures being taken to ensure ADA compliance and the associated costs for posting video content to the website.

February Enrollment: Superintendent Davis provided an enrollment summary update per board goals. Committee members also reviewed the new households that have moved into the district during the same time period. (5, Performance Priority #1)

Matriculation Agreement: Superintendent Davis shared a matriculation agreement with National Heritage Academies and Vanderbilt Charter Academy. (5, Performance Priority #1)  

Moved by Mrs. DeYoung, supported by Mrs. Falstad, that the Matriculation Agreement be approved as presented.  The motion was unanimously approved.

OAISD Schools of Choice Review: Superintendent Davis reviewed the current agreement in place and options being considered by districts in the OAISD. Districts are considering a move to 105(c) unlimited or limited options abandoning the local OAISD option that has been in place. (5, Performance Priority #1)

COTW Agenda Construction: Committee members planned the agenda for the March COTW Meeting based upon the discussions at Finance & Property, Teaching for Learning and matters arising at the Executive Committee.


Conference Request-MASB Changing the Perception of Your District Communications Conference May 16, 2017.

Moved by Mrs. DeYoung, supported by Mr. Meyer that the board approve the attendance of Trustees Colburn and Gisinger to the MASB Changing the Perception of Your District Communications Conference May 16, 2017 in the amount of $180 each for registration. The motion was unanimously approved.

2016-2017 Board/Superintendent Goals:   

○    To stabilize the enrollment of Holland Public Schools

•     Measurable Outcome: To reduce the projected enrollment loss for the 17-18 school year by 25%

○    To expand the geographic advertisement of open positions and branding of the school district

to encourage a more diverse applicant pool in an effort to promote, identify and hire individuals reflective of the student body.

•     Measurable Outcome: The presentation of an employment posting and application process that represents the culture and community of Holland Public Schools by February 1, 2017.

•     Measurable Outcome: An annual employee retention report summary presented in


B.  TEACHING FOR LEARNING COMMITTEE – Chairperson DeYoung reported on the March 6, 2017, meeting of the Teaching for Learning Committee.

Fidelity of CIA (Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment) Quarterly Report: Assessment by district administration and instructional/behavioral coaches on the fidelity of implementation/program review. This fidelity should be culturally inclusive and reflect the voice of staff responsible for implementation. (Performance Priority #2, Strategy 2)

·  Mid-Year Literacy/Math Data: Director Dobias shared mid-year literacy data for grades K, 3 and 8, and math data for grades 3 and 8 to assess student growth. This data is being used as one measure to assess fidelity of implementation of curriculum. Director Dobias also shared the process currently under implementation to assess the fidelity of implementation of curriculum as reported by classroom teachers. Instructional coaches and building administration are using this information to provide coaching support and to ensure that all students have full access to the core content curriculum and identified intervention supports based upon need.

Projects under current study/review:

• Student Assessment-Longitudinal Growth/Student Growth Percentiles (1)

     As presented in number 1 above.

• 5D+ Professional Staff Evaluation (1,4,7)

Steve Seward, MASSP 5D+ Coach was in the district March 6, 2017, to continue work with district leadership maintaining the fidelity of implementation and preparation for the summative review process and final evaluation of professional staff. Mr. Seward will be part of the district professional staff development on April 21, 2017.

• Promoting Positive School Culture Climate Surveys (1)

Parent and staff survey are currently underway for the spring benchmark collection. Student surveys will be completed prior to spring break.

• Tech Integration to STEM (K-5) 17-18 Instructional Planning (1,6)

A STEM curriculum recommendation for students in grades K-5 will be presented to the committee in April.

• Teacher Quality (7)

Committee members discussed the importance of teacher quality and the district’s ongoing efforts to support and develop our classroom teachers across the district.

Other Business

·TWBI 2017-208 Planning: Superintendent Davis outlined the TWBI program for 8th grade  

            students for the 2017-2018 academic year. A parent meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2017,

                 7:00 p.m. at HLA.

·     State House Representative Visit: Superintendent Davis provided a highlight of the recent district  

     visit by State House Representative Jim Lilly. This included a tour of HHS, HLA and HEC.

·COTW: There were no items presented for further discussion.

2016-2017 Board/Superintendent Goals:

·       To improve the level of reading proficiency across the district for all students

o      Measurable Outcome: 70% of the students who take the Reading Inventory and STAR  

      Assessment will meet their identified growth goals for the year.

·       To develop a system level of strategies and coaching support that addresses social   

       competence/behavior for Tier 1,2 and 3 behaviors utilizing Promoting Positive School Climate

       (PPSC) as a framework.

o      Measurable Outcomes: There will be an increase in fidelity of implementation scores of  

      Tier 1, 2 and 3 strategies as identified by pre/post School-Wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity

      Inventories of 80% (East, Heights, Jefferson, West) and 50% (Maplewood ECC, HLA,

      HEC, HHS/HVRT)

C.  FINANCE AND PROPERTY COMMITTEE – Trustee Whiteman reported on the March 7,  

    2017, meeting of the Finance and Property Committee. 

Budget to Actual for February 2017 (5): Director Zimmer reviewed the general fund revenue and expenditure report for February.   The revenue section has been modified to include functional breakouts for Other Financing Sources and Incoming Transfers.  The district has received 52.7% of budgeted revenue year-to-date compared to 52.4% for last year.  Current year expenses are at 52.3% of budget compared to 51.3% from the prior year.  The color indicators show all revenue and expenditure categories green and the fund balance position net-of-transfers is noted as red. 

Enrollment Projections (5):  Director Zimmer provided a summary of the five-year enrollment projections prepared by Dr. Ignatovich of Stanfred Consultants.  The summary included a review of the data used in the projection, a reconciliation of the projected fall 2016 enrollment to actual, and the projected changes by grade for 2017-18.  Committee members also reviewed birth/KG ratio trends for Holland compared to surrounding districts using Forecast 5 Analytics. 

Shared Time Financial Summary (5):  Director Zimmer provided a financial update on the current year Shared Time Program with Holland Christian and Calvary Schools.  The program generates 190.71 student FTEs for the district by offering instruction for Holland Christian and Calvary KG – 12th grade students in art, foreign language, advanced placement, music, and physical education/health.  The revenue generated by the program continues to exceed expenses providing financial benefit for HPS as well as Holland Christian and Calvary schools.   

2017-18 Preliminary Budget Planning: Director Zimmer reviewed an analysis of the financial impact Governor’s proposed school aid bill.  The proposal includes:

$100 per pupil (pp) increase in the foundation grant
$121 pp increase in risk funding with new accountability requirements
A new categorical of $50 per high school student
A new categorical for declining districts at $50 pp
A potential proration of shared time funding equating to $192 pp
Elimination of funding for financial analysis tools equating to $1 pp
An increase of 0.62% to the MSPERS rate equating to $36 pp

The Governor’s budget proposal is the first step in the legislative process.  The House and Senate will prepare and issue their versions of a school aid bill soon. 

Salary/Benefits Budget Parameters: Superintendent Davis outlined framework considerations impacting the development of the 2017-18 budget and reviewed historical context relating to negotiations.

:  Director MacKay reviewed current and upcoming projects and outlined his on-boarding process.

           Superintendent Davis provided an update on website compliance.

D.  COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE – Trustee DeYoung reported on the March 13, 

    2017, Committee of the Whole meeting.
Executive Committee Report: Trustee DeYoung provided updates to committee members with action items discussed at the Executive Committee meeting on March 8, 2017.

Teaching for Learning Committee Report: Trustee DeYoung provided updates to committee members with action items discussed at the Teaching for Learning Committee meeting on March 6, 2017.  

Finance & Property Committee Report:  Trustee Whiteman provided updates to committee members with action items discussed at the Finance & Property Committee meeting on March 7, 2017. 

HEA / Board Communications Report: Trustee DeYoung and Meyer provided an update to committee members with items discussed at the HEA/Board Communications meeting on February 23, 2017

Holland Educational Foundation Report: There was no report.  

Dashboard Reports: Superintendent Davis shared dashboards for Student Enrollment. Committee members reviewed and discussed the impact of high mobility in the district with 44 new families moving into the district over a four week/19-day period. This is an average of over two new families per day enrolling in the district. There is a comparable exit from the district as overall enrollment during the year has remained relatively flat. This type of mobility impacts everything from academic performance to the use of resources across the district including time, personnel and financial allocations. This one-month period is an example of the ongoing mobility throughout the year. District administration is looking at protocols for developing mobility plans that can assist in reducing the negative impact of high mobility and additional strains on students, families and the district.

Trustee Falstad inquired about the potential study of increasing the number of sections for Kindergarten at the Holland Language Academy given the high demand and interest in immersion programs. The Teaching for Learning Committee will further study this in April and bring back a recommendation to the full board.

2017 Board Goals Monitoring: Superintendent Davis shared a tool being used to progress monitor the Board/Superintendent Goals, strategies and evidence. Committee members affirmed this work and a tool that will be supportive in final evaluations.

Schools of Choice: Superintendent Davis discussed the OAISD “Local Choice” Plan & Section 105/105c Schools of Choice plans and recommendation for consideration. The OAISD Superintendents are reviewing school of choice options in the ISD. The different options of each plan were discussed and potential impact. Further discussion will take place in April following continued study by the area superintendents.

Organizational System Review-A process for exploring institutional inclusion: Superintendent Davis shared the report completed by the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance. The OSR looks at factors that promote or obstruct a culture of inclusion; best practices for recruiting, hiring, growing and advancing diverse talent; along with strategies to measure, monitor and evaluate progress toward inclusive goals. Board members are encouraged to read the full report and be prepared to discuss this further in their April committee meetings.

Board Meeting Agenda Construction: Committee members planned the agenda for the March Board Meeting.


Policy Consideration-Superintendent Davis presented template policies for consideration and review.
Joint Collaborative Meeting-Trustee DeYoung and Superintendent Davis highlighted a joint meeting between representatives from the Holland City Council and Holland Public Schools Board and administration.


Superintendent Open Office Hours: Superintendent Davis announced open office hours scheduled for Thursday, March 23, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

2.     Non-homestead renewal/Sinking Fund election: Superintendent Davis highlighted the school election taking place on May 2, 2017.

This proposal will allow the school district to levy the statutory rate of not to exceed 18 mills on all property, except principal residence and other property exempted by law, required for the school district to receive its revenue per pupil foundation allowance currently at $7,511 F.T.E. The 18 mill non-homestead RENEWAL levy has been overwhelmingly approved by voters in Holland since the first time it was on the ballot. (1994 - as part of Proposal A). This DOES NOT apply to “primary residences” (one’s home.) This applies to second homes, commercial and business properties. This levy represents nearly 30% of our total foundation grant ($9M).

The district is also seeking a ten-year sinking fund for repair/maintenance, improvements, technology and safety. Over the past 18 months the District has established a working Project Priority List identifying the ongoing needs of the district over the next ten years. The sinking fund would be .4 mills for one year and 1.25 for nine years.

X.   PUBLIC COMMENTS: There were no additional comments made by the public.

XI.   ADJOURNMENT:  President Gisinger adjourned the meeting at 7:48 p.m.