June 19, 2017


The School District of the City of Holland
Ottawa County, Michigan
June 19, 2017

The regular business meeting of the Holland Board of Education was called to order by President Gisinger, at 7:00 p.m., in the Board Training Room of the District Administration Office, 320 W. 24th Street.


Board: Trustees Colburn, DeJong, Falstad, Gisinger, Meyer, and Whiteman
Excused: Trustee DeYoung
Administration: Superintendent Davis; Directors Dobias, MacKay, Zimmer, Zuker, and Administrative Assistant Kooiker (recorder)



1.   Regular Business Meeting of June 19, 2017
2.   Consent Agenda for June 19, 2017

1.   May 15, 2017, Special Meeting
2.   May 15, 2017, Regular Business Meeting

Moved by Mr. Meyer, supported by Mrs. Colburn, that the Board of Education approve the Consent Agenda for June 20, 2017.  The motion was unanimously approved.


A.  College Advisor – Superintendent Davis and Dave Rozman with Destination Education, recognized Celina Flegal, Holland High School’s college advisor that has been working with the district for the past two years in partnership with the University of Michigan, and the Local College Access Network through Destination Education. Her support to HPS brought in over $4.7M in scholarships and financial aid to graduating seniors in 2017 alone. This partnership is made possible through the Michigan College Access Network, the University of Michigan and Destination Education.


A. CURRENT LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVES – Superintendent Davis shared information on recent legislative action.

New MSPERS Bills Pass House and Senate

As reported in earlier updates, both chambers of the Michigan Legislature quickly debated both HB 4647 and SB 401 in the House and Senate respectively. The bills would make sweeping changes to the Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System (MPSERS) and put all new employees into a 401(k)-style defined contribution (DC) plan or an altered hybrid defined benefit (DB) plan that reflects the current Pension Plus plan.

  •  Changes will apply to new employees hired after Feb. 1, 2018.
  • A new hybrid plan will be created with more conservative assumptions (6% assumed rates of returned and other assumptions yet to be determined).
  • New employees will default to an enhanced defined contribution system that matches the state plan (4% mandatory and a 3% match). Increased costs will be paid out of the State School Aid Fund.
  •  Allows the ORS board to gradually change the retirement age for anyone hired after Feb. 1, 2018, if mortality rates change.
  • Disallows the purchase of service credit for all employees
  • If the fund is underfunded below 85% for two consecutive years, the legislature will have 12 months to contribute or the hybrid will close
Budget Process Nears Completion

Completing the state budget in June has long been a priority for Gov. Snyder, and it appears that this year was no exception. Following the MPSERS agreement between the governor’s office and Republican leadership, a finalized $55 billion budget agreement can be expected this week.

State Board of Education Approves Dashboard

The State Board of Education adopted its official policy regarding the state's accountability system for schools this week. The proposed tool contains a dashboard of various school performance areas, in which the performance of a district is compared to the state average as well as similar districts. Unlike previous proposals, the dashboard approved by the State Board does not contain a letter grading metric.

Creating the dashboard was necessary for the state to meet its mandated school accountability benchmarks under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The U.S. Department of Education (USED) is currently reviewing the state's model, and officials have yet to hear whether or not it will be approved.

Federal Update: Title II-A Funding

Over the next few weeks, MASA will be pursuing an aggressive federal campaign to lobby Congress on the importance of Title II-A funds for Michigan educators. These funds are on the chopping block under President Trump’s proposed budget, despite the critical role they play in helping school districts prepare, train and recruit top-notch talent.  The impact to HPS is nearly -$142,000 and -$255,000 for Title I.



Chairperson Gisinger reported on the June 7, 2017, meeting  of the Executive Committee.

Legislative Updates:

Superintendent Davis provided legislative updates to the committee and potential impact on the District. Topics included MPSERS, graduation requirements, expanded use of sinking fund dollars, CTE and the 2017-2018 budget.

Policy for First Reading:

Superintendent Davis submitted the following policy for first reading:

  • Policy 5630.01 Student Seclusion and Restraint (Replacement)
MHSAA Membership Resolution for Renewal:

Superintendent Davis brought forward the MHSAA membership resolution for consideration.

Moved by Mr. Gisinger, supported by Mrs. DeJong, that the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) Membership Resolution for Renewal be adopted as presented.  The motion was unanimously approved.

MASB Membership Renewal:

Superintendent Davis brought forward the consideration of continued membership and associated costs for MASB. 

Moved by Mr. Gisinger, supported by Mrs. Falstad, that the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) for 2017-2018 be renewed as presented in the amount of $6,500.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Superintendent’s Evaluation:

Committee members discussed the evaluation of the Superintendent. Trustees will review the evidence provided by Superintendent Davis in May for consideration of mid-year achievement toward goals at the June COTW meeting. President Gisinger will recommend to the full board executive committee review of the superintendent’s contract and revision of stated evaluation timelines to align with the calendar year. President Gisinger will recommend to the board a contract update to reflect a term of four years.

Non-Resident School of Choice:

Superintendent Davis reviewed SOC reports for the current school year and new process for 17-18.

COTW Agenda Construction:

Committee members planned the agenda for the June COTW Meeting based upon the discussions at Finance & Property, Teaching for Learning, Executive Committee and matters arising.


Director Zuker provided an update on professional staff assignments and associated placements/renewals for the 2017-2018 school year.

2016-2017 Board/Superintendent Goals:

  • To stabilize the enrollment of Holland Public Schools
    • Measurable Outcome: To reduce the projected enrollment loss for the 17-18 school year by 25%
  • To expand the geographic advertisement of open positions and branding of the school district to encourage a more diverse applicant pool in an effort to promote, identify and hire individuals reflective of the student body.
    •  Measurable Outcome: The presentation of an employment posting and application process that represents the culture and community of Holland Public Schools by February 1, 2017.
  • Measurable Outcome: An annual employee retention report summary presented in September.