August 15, 2016


The School District of the City of Holland
Ottawa County, Michigan
August 15, 2016

The regular business meeting of the Holland Board of Education was called to order by Vice President DeJong, at 7:03 p.m., in the Board Training Room of the District Administration Office, 320 W. 24th Street.


Board:             Trustees DeJong, DeYoung, Gisinger, Pasatta, Rivera, and Whiteman

Excused:      Trustee Grose

Administration:    Superintendent Davis; Directors Dobias, Headley-Nordman, Page, Roach, Zimmer,  Zuker, and Administrative Assistant Kooiker (recorder)     




1.   Regular Business Meeting of August 15, 2016

2.   Consent Agenda for August 15, 2016


1.   July 18, 2016, Regular Business Meeting

Vice President DeJong recommended an adjustment to the agenda. Public Comments were moved above New Business. There were no objections from the board.  

Moved by Mr. Pasatta, supported by Ms. Rivera, that the Board of Education approve the Consent Agenda for August 15,2016.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Appointment of Jack Gisinger as Trustee of the Holland Public Schools Board of Education. After a review of the law and an inadvertency, the following motion and action needs to be addressed by the Board. A board member may not be appointed to fulfill a term beyond the date of a general election.

Motion of May 23, Special Board Meeting: Moved by Mrs. DeJong, supported by Ms. DeYoung, that Jack Gisinger be appointed as a Board Member of the School District of the City of Holland to fulfill the remaining term of Jeffrey Buckman that will become vacated effective June 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018. The motion was approved 4-2.

 To address this inadvertency, the following motion is brought forward for action:

After a review of the law and an inadvertency in the appointment of Trustee Jack Gisinger to fulfill the seat vacated by Trustee Jeffrey Buckman, moved by Mrs. DeJong, supported by Mrs. Whiteman, that Jack Gisinger be appointed to the Holland Public Schools Board of Education through the time of the certified election results of the November 8, 2016 General Election and the swearing in of the candidate elected for this partial two year seat.  The motion was unanimously approved


A. CURRENT LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVES – Superintendent Davis will share information on recent legislative action.

Superintendent Davis highlighted recent bills involving potential impact on education.  In each of the bills all members of the House and Senate representing Holland Public voted in favor of these bills.

Senate Bill 34, Revise concealed pistol license procedure. To eliminate country concealed pistol licensing boards and transfer their duties to the State Police and county clerks.

Senate Bill 139, Push-back against school bake sale restrictions. To require the Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) to “take all steps necessary to ensure maximum state and local control over” school lunch nutrition mandates.  Also, to limit three per week the number of fundraising sales of food or beverages during school hours that do not meet mandated school lunch nutritional standards.  The bill was introduced in response to federal and MDOE restrictions and bans on the sales

House Bill 4041, Ban welfare for persistent truancy. To withhold welfare benefits form a household with children who are persistently truant from school. A truant child age 16 and above could be removed from the household for this.

In the coming weeks, the Michigan Senate will be discussing House Bill 4388, legislation that modifies the allowable use of sinking funds to include the purchase of technology and securityequipment.  


A.  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Trustee DeJong reported on the August 2, 2016, meeting of the Executive Committee.

2016-17 Organizational Chart: Superintendent Davis reviewed the 2016-17 Organizational Chart with the committee in accordance with Board Policy 1100. There are no significant changes from district organization from the prior 2015-16 school year.

Annual Review of Board Policy 8600-Transportation: Superintendent Davis informed the Board of the transportation guidelines and established reasonable walking distances for students in the

District. The walking distance for students in grades 8-12 will be 1.5 miles. The walking distance for students in grades K-7 will be 1.25 miles. Meadow Lanes will return to a single address point. Transportation will be provided to K-7 students that attend Jefferson K-7 at Harbor Village, Meadowlanes and Crown Pointe the Monday following Thanksgiving through the Thursday prior to Spring Break.

Professional Staff Evaluation & Growth Assessment Plan: Superintendent Davis presented the recommended staff evaluation tool, process and student growth assessment plan for the 2016-2017 school year.

Board/Superintendent Goals: Committee members discussed the process for determining Board/Superintendent Goals for the 2016-2017 as it relates to the District Strategic Plan. This process will be further discussed at the COTW meeting in August.

COTW Agenda Construction: Committee members planned the agenda for the August COTW meeting.

Board Governance Workshop
2016-2017 Board/Superintendent Goals
2016-2017 Superintendent Evaluation

Board Meeting Agenda Construction: Committee members planned the agenda for the August Board Meeting.

2016-2017 Back to School Updates: Superintendent Davis provided an update on back to school preparations for the upcoming school year

B. TEACHING FOR LEARNING COMMITTEE – Chairperson DeYoung reported on the August 1, 2016, meeting of the Teaching for Learning Committee.

Early Literacy/Social Competence Organizational Chart: Superintendent Davis presented an organizational overview illustrating the program focus and intersection of early literacy and social competence for the district. (1,4)

add.a.lingua Dual Language Collaborative: Stacy Vandenbosch, co-founder of add.a.lingua, provided a program overview of the quality quadrant success indicator template scales (program level); certification process (teacher/leader level); & aalpa data tracker (student level) that has been developed for partnership at the Holland Language Academy. (1)

STAR Assessment: Director Dobias brought forward an assessment schedule for 2016-2017 and recommendation for the use of STAR as the student growth component for evaluation purposes replacing Discovery Assessment. (1,4,7)

Director Dobias shared information on the STAR assessment.

Moved by Ms. DeYoung, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that the Board of Education adopt the STAR assessment and purchase the products and services as presented in the amount of $47,398.18.  The motion was unanimously approved.

PreK-12 Music Program Review: Superintendent Davis provided an overview of the Pre K-12 Music Department study that evaluated delivery of instructional programming and curriculum development. This has been a collaborative endeavor with the Pre K-12 vocal and instrumental music department. Program enhancements for the 16-17 school year will include: 5th grade band/orchestra during the school day as a year-long program. Students in 5th grade will select band, orchestra or choir. There will the addition of two new options to the 6th/7th grade music program. In addition to 6/7th grade band and 6/7th grade orchestra, students not in band or orchestra will have the opportunity to audition for a 6/7th grade ensemble, participate in a 6th/7th grade general performance choir, or select a 6/7th grade music appreciation class. The new music program Quaver’s Marvelous General Music Curriculum K-8 was discussed as a highly engaging, content integrated, culturally rich and technology embedded on-line learning program for staff and students. Director Dobias brought forward a recommended curriculum scope and sequence for general music for grade K-8. (1,2)

Music teachers Sarah Cox and Kay Mayer shared information on the new Quaver music curriculum.     

Moved by Ms. DeYoung, supported by Ms. Rivera, that the Board of Education adopt the Quaver’s Beyond Marvelous General Music Curriculum Scope and Sequence. The motion was unanimously approved.

Board/Superintendent Goals: This discussion was tabled following further discussion at the upcoming COTW meeting on Board Governance.

Transportation Pilot Study Results: Superintendent Davis provided an overview of the transportation pilot for the 15-16 academic year.

Projects under current study/review:

2016-2017 Pre-Labor Day Start Waiver Process
Reading Now Network Secondary Literacy Initiative (1)
Student Assessment-Longitudinal Growth (1)
5D+ Professional Staff Evaluation (1,4,7)
Michigan Central Office Initiative (1,7)
ESSA/Michigan's Top 10 in 10 Strategic Plan

C.  FINANCE AND PROPERTY COMMITTEE – Chairperson DeJong reported on the August 2, 2016, meeting of the Finance and Property Committee. Minutes for said meeting are enclosed. 

Closed Session: The committee entered into closed session as provided by the Open Meetings Act for the purpose of discussing a legal opinion.

The following motion will be presented to the full Board for consideration:

Moved by Mrs. DeJong, supported by Mrs. Whiteman, that the Board of Education authorize the Superintendent, in conjunction with legal counsel, to execute agreements not to exceed $50,000 for the purpose of completing an updated hydro-geological study on the West K-7 property.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Property Development Proposal: Superintendent Davis and Rick Page, from Keller Williams Realty, presented a property development proposal/concept for the former Lakeview school property.  The proposal parameters will be refined based on meeting discussion and post meeting before presenting to the full Board for consideration.

Build 21 Survey Results (6):  Superintendent reviewed the recently completed BUILD 21: An Evaluation of Community Investment report.  Due to time constraints, this agenda item was tabled and will be reviewed at a future meeting.

Budget to Actual for June 30, 2016: (5) Director Zimmer reviewed the year-end general fund pre-audit revenues, expenditures and variances.  Due to time constraints, two reports were distributed and director Zimmer provided a brief review.  this agenda item will be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.

Build 21 Bond Summary (6): Director Zimmer reviewed the July 2016 Bond Summary report for the 2010 Bond Proceeds.  Due to time constraints, this agenda item was tabled and will be reviewed at a future meeting

D.  COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE - President Grose provided an overview of the August 8, 2016, Committee of the Whole meeting.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee Report: Chairperson Grose provided updates to committee members with items discussed at the Executive Committee meeting on August 2, 2016.
Teaching for Learning Committee Report: Chairperson DeYoung provided updates to committee members with items discussed at the Teaching for Learning Committee meeting on August 1, 2016.
Finance & Property Committee Report:  Chairperson DeJong provided updates to committee members with items discussed at the Finance & Property Committee on August 2, 2016.
Holland Educational Foundation Report: There was no report.

NALEO Conference Report: Due to Trustee Rivera’s excused absence, no report was made.

Board Training: Deb Macon from MASB facilitated a workshop on Board Governance. Discussion focused on the following:  

Four Dimensions of a Governance Framework
Strategic Roles of the Board
Clarity on Board Roles and Responsibilities
Board Governance Goals
Board Accountability
Board Norms/Protocols
Bringing on new board members
Facilitating board member personal accountability
Board’s Role in Community Relations-Engaging and informing the public
Review of Committee Structure-Linking goals to committees and Committee Charge Statements
District Goals, Board Goals, Superintendent Goals
Superintendent Evaluation-A reminder that School Advance is the tool and all parties evaluating the superintendent must be trained on the tool per state statute.

Several potential items for board consideration and adoption were discussed including the adoption of the following Board Goals:

The Board will partner with members of the School District community in support of public education.
The Board will focus on student achievement and base decisions on the best interest of all students in the district.
The Board will develop strategies to strengthen trust, teamwork, and consensus building skills to maximize the performance of the Leadership Team.

The identified next action steps included:

Identification and adoption of Board, District and Superintendent Goals
Plan for on-boarding new board members
Committee Structure/Charge
Superintendent Evaluation Training
Developing norms/protocols for specified areas of focus



1.  Superintendent Open Office Hours: Superintendent Davis announced open office hours scheduled for Friday, August 26, 10:00 -11:00 a.m.

2.  Back to School Information: Superintendent Davis provided back to school information for the 2016-2017 school year.


recommended the following personnel actions:

  1.   Hiring:

Ashley Booker, Science Teacher, East School, effective August 15, 2016.
Casandra Crennell, Science Teacher, Holland High School, effective August 15, 2016.Alyssa Franklin, Special Education Teacher, East and Holland Heights Schools, effective August 15, 2016.
Elizabeth Melangton, Special Education Teacher, Holland Heights School, effective August 15, 2016.
Jenna Mills, Special Education Teacher, West School, effective August 15, 2016.
Jamie Steinman, District K-7 Vocal Music Teacher, effective August 15, 2016.
Morgan VanderZouwen, Special Education Teacher, East and Holland Heights School, effective August 15, 2016.

Moved by Mr. Gisinger, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that the Board of Education hire:  Ashley Booker, Casandra Crennell, Alyssa Franklin, Elizabeth Melangton, Jenna Mills, Jamie Steinman, and Morgan VanderZouwen in accordance with the Holland Education Association and that they be afforded a probationary contract.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Director Zuker provided an update to the board on teachers recalled from layoff.  We were able to recall four teachers.

2.  Resignations:

Jane Beyer-Robrahn, Writing Teacher, West School, effective July 25, 2016.
Kathleen Globke, Special Education Teacher, Holland Heights School, effective August 4, 2016.
Elizabeth Juarez, Spanish Teacher, Holland Early College and HHS, effective August 9, 2016
Paul Meier, Math/Science Teacher, Holland Early College, effective August 4, 2016.

Moved by Mr. Pasatta, supported by Ms. Rivera, that the board approve, with regret, the following resignations:  Jane Beyer-Robrahn, Kathleen Globke, Elizabeth Juarez and Paul Meier.  The motion was unanimously approved.

C.   ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL REPORT/AND OR RECOMMENDATIONS - Superintendent Davis recommend the following administrative personnel action:

1.  Administrative Hire:

Jennifer Headley-Nordman, Director of Student Services, effective August 8, 2016.

Moved by Ms. DeYoung, supported by Mrs. Whiteman, that the Board of Education approve the hire of Jennifer Headley-Nordman as Director of Student Services.  The motion was unanimously approved.

VIII.   PUBLIC COMMENTS: There were no additional comments made by the public.


 A. NALEO CONFERENCE REPORT - Trustee Rivera provided a summary report of her attendance at the NALEO Annual Conference in Washington, DC.



A. The Board entered into closed session at 8:03 p.m. as provided by the Open Meetings Act for the purpose of discussing student discipline.

Moved by Ms. Rivera, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that the Board of Education enter into closed session as provided by the Open Meetings Act, 1976 PA 267; MCLA 15.261 for the purpose of discussing student discipline.   The motion was unanimously approved.

Roll Call Vote:

Ayes:  DeYoung, Whiteman, DeJong, Pasatta, Rivera, and Gisinger

Nays:  None        

XI.     RETURN TO OPEN SESSION: The board returned to open session at 9:03 p.m.

Trustee DeYoung left the meeting at 9:04 p.m.

Moved by Mr. Gisinger, supported by Mr. Pasatta, that Student #0815161300 be reinstated with conditions as recommended by the reinstatement committee.

The motion was approved 4-0, with Trustee Rivera abstaining.

Moved by Mrs. DeJong, supported by Ms. Rivera, that the appeal from Student # 0815161900 be denied.  The motion was unanimously approved.

New Business: Committee Goals

Vice President DeJong facilitated a discussion on the development of District, Superintendent and Board Governance goal development. Consensus was reached on the following: individual committees will review the strategic plan and district initiatives to develop goals for their respective committee at committee meetings in September. The chairs of each committee will bring forward their respective goals for discussion at the COTW meeting in September. All board members will have the opportunity to review and discuss individual committee goals. In addition, broader district level goals may be discussed. Goals may be adopted in September or the committee structure in October may be used to finalize goals. Goals will be adopted by the full board by the October regular meeting.

XII.              ADJOURNMENT:  President Grose adjourned the meeting at 9:42 p.m.